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Do I Stick This Out For Now?

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abbeylee90 | 17:36 Tue 21st Nov 2023 | Jobs & Education
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My 3rd in my new job I had a terrible day was very tired supervisor I was working with was horrible and was giving me a hard time saying I hadn't cleaned properly when I know I did clean them but manager didn't say anything  when I got back to the office. Do I start looking for a new job?



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That why if I get on there progress to full time or get a full time elsewhere 

Abbey, whenever I've started a new job, I've found the early days are very difficult, and I've often felt like throwing in the towel, but resisted it. Things soon improved and I lasted years in most jobs as a result. 

Oh not again.

Abbey, I think this time you really will have to go all out so that you can progress to full-time there (or elsewhere). The past few months will have done nothing to help you in your aim to move out, be independent etc.

As the hours are 08:50 to 15:00 with thirty minutes of breaks, that's a working time of five hours and forty minutes.


If there are ten houses to be cleaned in that time, that's thirty-four minutes in each house and that excludes any travel time.


What do they expect you to have done in that time?


Where do you take your breaks by the way? 

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Do I Stick This Out For Now?

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