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Do I Stick This Out For Now?

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abbeylee90 | 17:36 Tue 21st Nov 2023 | Jobs & Education
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My 3rd in my new job I had a terrible day was very tired supervisor I was working with was horrible and was giving me a hard time saying I hadn't cleaned properly when I know I did clean them but manager didn't say anything  when I got back to the office. Do I start looking for a new job?



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Abbey, you were only doing a couple of hours a day in the care home - most people could cope with that! 50 minutes to clean  a kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms seems ludicrous -I certainly wouldn't employ  your firm.

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We have a 40 min schedule in some houses and I was doing 8-2 in care home.

Can't you get a job that isn't as stressful, like working at your local library?

Sorry, Abbey, I thought you did only 8 hours a week in the care home, spread over several days (and cleaning only the banisters). Was the 8-2 shift the one they felt was 'too much pressure' for you? 

Abbey can you try and use punctuation - it would make reading your posts easier.

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I did but not only Friday 3 hours per day. Yes was Monday to Friday 8-2 so I'm acting fast before they do start giving me a hard time.

"The rest of yue cleaners are older than me"

"I want to do dog walking why I want to do my driving lessons."

It might be worth checking your posts before you submit as they are hard to follow

Please don't mind this question Abbey, but did you get any GCSEs?  It might help us by knowing if there is anything you are especially good at.

I know you like dog-walking.  Have you tried applying at local kennels/dog rescue centres?  I know you like working in a care home.  Somehow there must be a happy way through for you between the two.

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I'm tired but yes you know what I mean 

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Yes English history and ICT were my main subjects. I was good at cleaning in McDonald's, there was this receptionist position in a clinic I did with an agency as holiday cover. I liker warehouse and care home things would still be same with them if they got rid of me/reduced my hours.

Well done with  the English and History - SNAP!  I've taught both and am now a writer - at the moment busy on an historical novel.  The ICT is a good bonus (I can't do  that).

You could check for any part-time Library jobs going around (they are hard to find I admit).  It sounds as if you are struggling physically with the harder work.  There are such things as visiting  and reading to invalids.  

Perhaps start checking on htese?  WARNING If you start to workk with  dependent people as helper and mental stimulous, you cannot just drop in and out.  It's a thought.

^^^ 'these'

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No I doubt I'll be working with dependant people 

Which supervisor will you be working with tomorrow - the one today or the one yesterday or yet another?

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I don't know until I go in the morning 

It's a shame you don't have the same supervisor each least for the initial week or 2. But, maybe your employer wants several opinions on how a new person works.

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She just wants to introduce me to all the team so why she pairing me with different ones but I'm aware sometimes we have bad days and some people are fussiest than others.

Abbey, just go in to work tomorrow and do the best you can, willingly and enthusiastically.If you're still tired, try not to let that show! PS And that will be your first week finished, you'll have a few days off(unless you have any hours at the care home?)

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Never I gotta go in care home Friday 

Thanks, Abbey - am glad you're not going to be trying to survive on just 21 hours a week. And you can recharge your batteries on Thursday!

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