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Do I Stick This Out For Now?

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abbeylee90 | 17:36 Tue 21st Nov 2023 | Jobs & Education
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My 3rd in my new job I had a terrible day was very tired supervisor I was working with was horrible and was giving me a hard time saying I hadn't cleaned properly when I know I did clean them but manager didn't say anything  when I got back to the office. Do I start looking for a new job?



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I don't believe it !

Well I do actually.

No , carry on 

Question Author

Only if it ongoing then look for new job.

Here we go again! Two days down and already giving in

Give it a chance ! Only two days there ...

You know what they say about a new broom: wasted on Abbey.

Question Author

Just upsetting me all the time about the care home.

I'll bite.

"Just upsetting me all the time about the care home."

Old care home, new care home, or both?

Question Author

Only one care home. I'm cleaning houses in new one.

Abbey,  I think the 'ongoing' issue is that your assessment of your work, your capabilities simply doesn't match that of your employers (old and new). 

You say elsewhere you were working in client homes - was the Supervisor with you at all times?

You need to stop thinking about the care home, you will not get back your lost hours. Concentrate on your new job and stop mucking about

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Not all time just checks work.

In my profession I work hard but I'll never stop.

I'll climb this blinkin' ladder till I get right to the top.

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I know God knows what they will say Friday failing that I go back into warehouse 

I have every sympathy for anybody working in a care home and most of couldn't face it.





I agree miser, although as abbey reminded me, the new role is not in a care home but in houses of clients

Abbey, the last warehouse job didn't work out well...

Oh, that's not so hard, keep at it, abbeylee90.

Did you challenge the Supervisor's opinion of your cleaning?

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Do I Stick This Out For Now?

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