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Do I Stick This Out For Now?

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abbeylee90 | 17:36 Tue 21st Nov 2023 | Jobs & Education
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My 3rd in my new job I had a terrible day was very tired supervisor I was working with was horrible and was giving me a hard time saying I hadn't cleaned properly when I know I did clean them but manager didn't say anything  when I got back to the office. Do I start looking for a new job?



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With warehouse I'm not sure what to think as a friend of mums son said they replaced me before failing my probation and a girl put review on company she was bullied out for being female 

...or ask what you could do to improve? We learn from mistakes. You need to ask what yours were. And stop blaming the supervisor...your work is a reflection not just on yourself,  but also on the supervisor. 

I think stick at it until after Xmas now. 

Just listen to advice or tips or even criticism from supervisor and try to take it on board, then show you paying extra attention to any areas she wasn't happy about. As long as they see that you are listening and improving, they should be happy. Don't base everything on a couple of days. See how things go. 

Abbey, there's no point in looking back at things that can't be changed.  Maybe the warehouse did replace you in a rather cackhanded fashion, but they did also tell you that you 'lacked energy'. The care home also found a few shortcomings and drastically cut your hours. Now your newest supervisor is also not likely to name you 'Employee of the month'  - do you think all of the bosses have got it wrong? 

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Other supervisors been happy just today I wasn't with it so hope it was just that as my boss didn't say anything when I signed my job offer back at the office.

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Yeah but warehouse didn't tell me I was lacking energy until day I failed my probation. I get put with different supervisors.

Thanks, Abbey - and yes, tomorrow's another day, one which might be better. Please stop thinking about the debacles in the warehouse and the care home, that won't achieve anything.

Abbey/As a matter of interest, was the homeowner present when you were cleaning and did he/she have anything to say to you?

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No not in

//Other supervisors been happy just today I wasn't with it//

Not with it and you were tired?   Maybe a few early nights will improve the situation, they can't all be wrong!

You will be tired working longer than three hours, and the supervisor knows what standard is expected. 

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I did go to bed at reasonable time just woke up every hour from 2am alarm goes goes off 6.15

What's upsetting you about the care home, Abbey? Is it because they wouldn't change your days?

Abbey, that's a shame about your disturbed sleep.  You've had so many 'little'  jobs recently, with shifts of just a couple of hours - working 7 hours in a day is bound to be a shock to your system. (PS Most people do more than that, of course, and five days a week -you're lucky you can afford to work just three days!) 

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Scorpio they cut my hours so I'm having to get another job

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Neva I can't really that all they had

Abbey, there's no point dwelling on not being up to the care home job, and having your hours cut. Yes, it would have been lovely if that had all worked out, but it didn't. 


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I shouldn't be so afraid of not doing well in new job 

True, Abbey, and people here can only reassure you so much, and so often. I think everyone's hoping that things will turn around for you, but that won't happen by magic!

Where are you working now? 

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