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When Does Overtime Start

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Donetello1561 | 10:24 Wed 22nd Nov 2023 | Jobs & Education
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Been emailed by work advising that our hours are to be reduced from 44.25 to 41.75.

It also states that overtime will not be paid until after 45 hours have been worked.Does this sound right,also what is the pay rate from 41.75 to 45 hours going to be.

Should overtime not be paid immediately after the new basic hours of 41.75 has been reached.




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You should be paid standard rate for those hours.  Some companies pay standard rate for all overtime, it doesn't have to be an enhanced rate.

You need to look at your contract of employment and check that there is a clause stating the employer has the right to vary your hours.

Seems they are determined that no one puts in overtime.

The OP states that overtime will not be paid, not that it will be paid at normal rate.


I take that to mean up to 3.25 hours overtime will be consider a free contribution by the employee to the company, and only paid for if more hours overtime is put in, in addition.


(That stated, if one opts to do overtime one would surely put in more than 3.25 hrs extra per week.)

I took it to be an expectation that overtime is paid at a higher rate but as has been said, there is no obligation to do so. 

Are those days now gone when you got time and a half for Saturdays and double time for Sundays?

Are people just asked to work extra out of the goodness of their hearts?

No.  They're paid for the hours they work.

Seems quite ambiguous all round.  Does it mean no overtime payment until more than 45 hours of overtime have been worked.  And will payment only cover the amount over 45 hours. I think you should press for amended contract with terms clearly and unambiguously stated.

In what basis are you employed and paid, Donetello1561?

On* what basis ...?

Those days are long gone, Barsel.  Some companies pay an enhanced rate for weekend, bank holiday and unsociable hours but many don't. I think standard rate became the norm with the start of Sunday trading and supermarkets open late evenings.

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Full time employment paid weekly.

I always thought overtime was paid after your basic hours were surpassed,in this case anything more than 41.75 hours worked would then enter into overtime.We work Saturdays and it seems hours are being manipulated so we work longer shifts then,with most of us doing nearly a full 8 hours on the Saturdays.

You should get paid for every minute you work.  

It depends on your contract whether overtime is paid at a higher rate or standard rate.

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When Does Overtime Start

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