More Information on Teaching Jobs

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More Information on Teaching Jobs

Teaching can be a very rewarding profession – if you have the right kind of personality and skills. Many trainee teachers graduate from university and land a job straight away. Some choose a different path and take college courses and try to earn work experience. Whichever is the right path for you, make sure you get as much experience as possible. Qualifications will come in time as you gradually get more experience, so don’t worry about taking any courses when you’re just starting out.

Classroom Assistant

All schools need classroom assistants to help teachers set up and keep a class organised, so demand for those who want to go into this field is greater than ever. A classroom assistant needs to be organised have a great personality and most important be able to relate to children and young adults. Anyone who wants to become a classroom assistant will need to gain some form of qualification from a local college or night school.

Subject Teacher

If you have a passion for teaching and want a solid career to move into after university, becoming a teacher may be the career path for you. Graduates fresh out of university can move straight into a school and pass their formal teaching exams while working to gain extra knowledge and first hand experience.

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