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barry1010 | 13:39 Sun 07th Apr 2024 | Home & Garden
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Is there a name for the type of bottle that has a large stopper attached to the bottle by a sort of hinge/clip that is used to open the bottle?

Hope someone knows what I mean



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Is it a Kilner?  

It's a "swing top" - eg Grolsche bottle.

As Elliemay. 13.41ĺl

They are old fashioned pop bottles that we used to get in my youth, if I remember correctly you took them to the shop and got your money back. Emoji have deprived me the ability to copy and paste.

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That's the ones I'm thinking of, Ellie, same principle as the Grolsch bottles.

Thanks for the help, all.  Swing top and flip top, but I'm sure I called them something else when I was a child. Could be a regional word.


Question Author

MargoT mentions the pop bottles I was thinking of

The old Corona bottles were a wire and stopper arrangement.

The description put me in mind of the old Corona bottles - don't know what they were called.

Question Author

Yes, Corona

Oh that's gone viral.

Mason jar ?

Don't know what they are called but like the old Tizer bottles.

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