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Water Leaking From Top Of Conservary Door

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Clementino | 09:39 Mon 08th Apr 2024 | Home & Garden
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I hope The Builder may be able to help (or anyone ?)

The upvc gutter on conservatory is due to be cleared of weeds/earth any day now (just 2.5 metres)

There are two double-glazed doors below .

One of the doors has water leaking (every time it rains) from the top of the door to the floor inside.

I have checked the gutter and there are no gutter joints above, which leads me to think that the door is the problem, not the gutter.

It may be the seal on top of door, but I get dizzy (my age) going up a ladder to check. Any ideas/help would be great. Thanks



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* conservatory

Sounds like there may be a door seal issue to me; although I'd suspect a gutter one at the same time as the door ought not be having to cope with so much water hitting it that it results in a leak in the first place.


In your shoes I'd concentrate on fixing the guttering first and then look at the door seal if the problem still exists.

Question Author

Thanks OG.  I will buy some Stormgard or similar from Screwfix and see  if it stops the water entering.Also trying to get someone local to clear gutter. Proving difficult to get someone at the moment.

If the gutter is bunged up, it may not need a joint to spring a leak, it could be overflowing - have you observed it during heavy rain?

I sympathize with youe age issue, I am frequently frustrated by my inability to tackle DIY house maintenance tasks that I've always taken in my stride in my younger days - now I have to rely upon "professionals" and finding non-dodgy ones can be difficult. 

Good luck with sorting out the leak.

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Hi Canary

I have watched the gutter when it rains hard and the gutter is clearing OK and not overflowing.

I feel that no door should let water in no matter where it is situated. So hoping that the seal works. 


I wouldn't say it's a gutter problem, Clementino.

Double doors are usually the hardest to set up properly. I would guess that adjustment is needed. If they are uPVC doors then there are usually a variety of adjustments available. Often with no more than an 'Allen key'. See if you can find a local uPVC installer (or a good handyman who's familiar with these).

If timber doors, then a carpenter/builder/handyman to adjust or re-position the hinges/striking plates etc.

A lot of money can be wasted on special seals (eg 'Stormguard'.) They do work, but are not really addressing the root cause. As I've said on here many times, it's better to direct efforts towards the cause rather than simply dealing with the symptoms.

uPVC should just need adjustment. Extra seals shouldn't be necessary. Timber doors often warp and may be beyond adjustment. Then specialist seals are needed.

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Hi The Builder.

I have just had response from a gutter cleaner who has quoted £60 incl. VAT to clear the gutter.(3metres)

He is on his way. I will let you know the outcome.

I appreciate your help so much. He is on checkTrade

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PS I will contact a local upvc door specialist who is just down the road . He has window and door knowledge and a showroom etc. He has done work for a neighbour here.

Question Author

The gutter has been cleared (by hand ) and water is tested and flowing . Not really happy with this company so will not be recommending . Some sprinkled dirt was left  on the roof which I mentioned. His response was that my watering can was to blame as there was some dirt inside before it was filled (by me)  He even asked if the bucket full of earth etc. could be emptied in my garden bin. Certainly not !

Unbelievably bad. 

Such a shame that some people can be so ignorant. At least the gutter's clear now.

I'd be interested to know how it goes the door adjustments.

with the door adjustments

uPVC doors do seem a bit flaky - I've had to have mine adjusted a couple of times after sagging and scraping the threshold (done with an allen-key like device as mentioned earlier).

Check the drain holes in the frame and door, if it has them. 

Question Author

Good morning all

Some good news for a change.  It rained all night and is still raining now, but the door behaved itself and no water leaking inside. I am pleasantly surprised.

I have never had any problems with the upvc doors (front door, porch door and double doors in conservatory) which are all about 25 years old, so I guess I have been lucky. Fingers crossed 🤞

Togo I don't see any drain holes anywhere and wouldn't know how to fix doors with the key , but there is probably a youtube video . Thanks all.



All upvc frames(doors and windows) have drain holes. Usually just above the sill or under the sill. If the frame has no sill there will be a little hood about ½ inch long with a slot grooved into the frame behind it. If these become blocked( spiders and caterpillars love them) the frame will not self drain. 

Question Author

Hi Togo

Well, I have searched high, low and everywhere and absolutely no drain holes anywhere. The porch door frame is even older than 25 years so I am wondering if the holes were not always in frames back then.

A mystery.   I could take photos 🤔

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Water Leaking From Top Of Conservary Door

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