My First Bee

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Canary42 | 17:45 Tue 22nd Jun 2021 | Gardening
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This year I've turned over part of my garden to wildflower cultivation for the sake of the bees and butterflies.

This afternoon I saw my first bee to take advantage of this provision. Gratifying. There seems to be a dearth of B&B so far this year.


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Nice one, well done.

We've had/have loads of bees and have had two butterflies, at least, just soaking up the sunshine on our fence today - both stayed about half an hour. Lovely to see.
Lovely. I'm sure word will get round. Bees love foxgloves if you can get some
I saw, or rather heard, my first bee this morning. It was buzzing around my bedroom at about 7am, determined to get out of a window I can't open. It took ages to steer it towards a different window, on the opposite side of the room, so that I could wish it goodbye.

As I'd only got to bed a couple of hours earlier, I wasn't really that happy to see an hear it!

I know it will be the first of many though. Solitary bees nest in my attic, having got in under the eaves of the roof. Then, because the attic hatch is always left open, they invariably come down into my bedroom when they think it's time to look for food.

One day, a few years ago, I had to get up three times in the early hours of the morning to assist noisily buzzing bees on their way. Shortly afterwards, I was awakened for a fourth time by yet more buzzing. Still half asleep, I looked everywhere in my bedroom to locate the annoying bee, only to eventually realise that I'd actually been woken by the sound of my neighbour's strimmer ;-)
Local bees seem to love my lupins. Loads around here. Haven't seen any butterflied though.
We get loads of bees because we have lavender in the garden. They love that.
And we get Small Blues (butterflies)
There were loads in my lean to the other day. About 15-20. I walked in to use the washing washing machine and walked straight back out again. The washing could wait! I'm allergic to bees and I still can't figure out how so many got in when the door was shut.
Maybe you have a nest
Good news, I'm sure more will come!
Maybe, you can add a bug hotel to keep them coming.
It's amazing what you can attract, with a lump of wood with a bunch of holes drilled in it.
why are bees loved but wasps hated?

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My First Bee

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