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charliesteve | 08:12 Tue 15th Jun 2021 | Gardening
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Hi. I have a plant growing in my garden that is identical shape to wheat but it is a different color and was wondering what it could be. There are two clumps under a tree but nowhere else in the garden. The color is a green/blue. Thanks. Steve


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Do you have a bird feeder in the tree?
Wheat can be slightly grey green when young, gets greener as it matures, barley and late are both greyer, but more likely to be one of the large leaved grasses, like Yorkshire fog, or blue oat grass,
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To Tilly2 there is no bird feeder in the tree and to rowanwitch need to know if it is a plant or weed. If it is a plant I would like to move some to another area of the garden. Thanks
A weed is simply a plant you don't want to be where it is. If you like it, keep it.
A photo would be a great help
It sounds like one of the cereal crops. Only you can decide if its a plant (welcome) or a weed (unwelcome)
Love New Judges answer x
Take a photo and put it in this website.

There is an app of the same name.

Highly recommended.
Weeds are only plants we don't want -I have weeds in my garden that are lovely and are left to flourish. If you like it then dig it up carefully and replant it in a more suitable place. I would guess, unless you've moved recently into your house, it is a self sown grass of some kind -ornamental plants rarely appear in your garden out of the blue so to speak.
My guess is "wild barley grass, that often likes to grow under the shade of trees.
Maybe Tilly was on the right track, possibly dropped by birds from the branches above.

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