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Wine Of The Week Round-Up 2011

09:45 Tue 13th Dec 2011 |

We've had superb regular threads running this year such as the Onwards & Downwards Club, The Quzzies & Puzzles Round Up and, of course, the Wine of the Week thread.

Hosted by No Mercy this thread offers a chance for oenophiles, bacchi and those who just fancy a glass every now and again to come together. The thread usually features a few wines for differing tastes as well as news on where you can find them on offer!

If you want to join in they're usually started on a Thursday, just in time for the weekend!

Here we offer a round-up of all the WOTW threads posted in 2011 so you can see if there's anything recommend to take your fancy!


May 2011:

Pepperwood Viognier offers an "enigmatic grape"


June 2011:

This Wine of the Week featured Sainsbury's The Whole Bunch Rousanne (South Africa)

A complex Languedoc meets with approval

Quincey Oscar Brilliant from Morrisons


July 2011:

Two wines on the menu this week - a Chilean and an Austrian

Puklavec And Friends Slovenian Sauvignon Blanc


August 2011:

A South-Eastern Australian Shiraz packs a bit of a wallop!


September 2011:

Les Jamelles Viognier and Les Jamelles Cinsault and Other offers!


October 2011:

Asda's Extra Special Primitivo, the Italian Variety widely acknowledged to be the forefather of Zinfandel

St Hallet Gamekeeper's Reserve - a richly concentrated red from Australia's Barossa Valley

La Chasse Chardonnay/Viognier. Full of citrus and exotic fruits, this wine really needs a good flavoursome dish to stand up to it

Zamora Californian Zinfadel is a rich and succulent red bursting with layer upon layer of ripe berries and oodles of jamminess


November 2011:

A "Mighty" and "Ripe"! Pizzorno Merlot/Tannat 2010 (Uruguay)

Sainsbury's Taste The Difference Frog's Leap Fair Trade Pinotage

"Strong aromas of blackberry and raspberry on the nose, with a hint of fruit compote" from the Peter Lehman Wild Card Shiraz

The Whole Bunch Grenache Blanc / Viognier (SA 14%). An incredibly flavoursome wine with beautiful aromas of wild mushroom and herbs.


December 2011:

"Crisp, crunchy green apple and tropical fruits, with a sherbety tang on the finish" Block 13 Mclaren Vale Australian

Asda's Extra Special Falanghina is a wine that can be drunk all year round.


We hope everyone has a great Christmas and a Happy new Year!

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