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NoMercy | 08:56 Thu 17th Nov 2011 | Food & Drink
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Peter Lehman Wild Card Shiraz is one of those wines that makes you salivate as you open the bottle for the first time and allow the powerful aromas to inundate your senses.

Strong aromas of blackberry and raspberry on the nose, with a hint of fruit compote. On the palate, a really jammy concentration of dark berries, with a hint of vanilla and spice on the finish. At 14.5%, you'll feel very warm indeed after a glass of this magnificent red.

Available in the Co-op for £7.97.

Does benefit from breathing.


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Oh dear I think we might have to pop in on our way home this evening...
Question Author
Oh yes, you must...
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Question Author
Boy, am I going to need a glass of shiraz after the day I've had!
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If anyone knows of any current champagne offers, I'd love to know.

I may make a detour to either Sainsburys or Asda on the way home.

Hey there gorgeous.
Just thought I'd ask a few of questions from the comfort of my cab.
1) Aaron wants to know what a decent wine for a romantic dinner is?
2) What was that red we had the other night with the mousseaka (sp?)?
3) What's so bad about Lambrini? It's the drink of choice for my last patient and she was proper classy. She'd even wee'd in her LBD she was that sophisticated!

Ps make sure that bed is warm tonight. It's brass monkeys out here!!!
Tesco has BOGOF on my human's favourite tipple (me being a feline) - Pepsi Max. She got all excited at the prospect at stashing away loads for the festive season, but the offer ends in a couple of days.

Question Author
Hello gorgeous, sorry I missed your post.

1. Aaron will need to tell me what's on the menu first.

2. Asda Extra Special Primitivo, I believe.

3. Nothing whatsoever... if you have no tastebuds...

Frankiecat, many thanks for the info. I do need a mixer for my Tia Maria. :-)
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Unfortunately for some they are unable to differentiate between quality and pretension.

A good wine isn't pretentious, its just a good wine.
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Just seen your request for champagne offers. Half-price in M & S, and one-third off at Waitrose Wines online. Buy 6 at M & S and there's a further discount on top.
Hope your Christmas is as merry as mine!
Wine Society - Carré-Perseval Non-Vintage Brut Champagne £95 for 6
They are also doing a case of Alexandre Bonnet Grande Reserve for £115 - if you like your bubbles very dry.....
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Epichoric, you're talking nonsense.

I have done the blind test many times and can not only tell the cheap from the expensive but can almost every time tell you the grape and country/region.
After 20 glasses, No Mercy? Probably ...
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Thank you very much, notalot. I did pop in there the other day as they were closing up. I did grab a bottle of Don Cristobal rose Cava which is currently down to half price. It was very enjoyable indeed.

Thanks, DT. I tried the Alexander Bonnet in Spain. They sell it in Carrefour. I really liked it.
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Lol Venator. I think I would be dead after 20 glasses.
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