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Wine of the Week.

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NoMercy | 09:04 Thu 08th Dec 2011 | Food & Drink
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This week's Wine of the Week is a beautiful Italian number. Asda's Extra Special Falanghina is a wine that can be drunk all year round, thanks to its beautiful fruit salad aromas of apricot, satsuma and nectarine. One could imagine sipping a chilled glass at sundown in late July, or pairing it with with some lovely creamy Dolcelatte and walnut and raisin bread in front of a roaring open fire. A most delightful wine! Available in Asda for the bargain price of £5.28.

Wine bargain of the week is Banrock Station Reserve Chardonnay Verdelho - a robust and classy white with a lovely rounded structure, good body and powerful citrus notes, with underlying nuances of pineapple and other tropical fruits. Currently available in Tesco for £4.99, down from £10.99. Grab it while you can.

Any wine bargains you'd care to share?


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Question Author
I am after a rather nice prosecco. I have seen one in Tesco in a fancy-shaped bottle, currently £8, down from £9.99.

Has anyone tried it, and if so, what did you think?

Theres a cold Westerly buffeting..perfect night for a lovely,warming Chili con Carne.together with a Marques de Montino Rioja...Reserva 2007..Sainsbury :-)
Question Author
Ooh lovely. 'Tis about time I was reacquainted with Rioja.

I see Sainsburys have the Condado de Haza Ribera del Duero in at present. Both Sqad and I are fond of that wine and, like the Rioja, is made from Tempranillo.

Thanks for the tip, atrollope.
Report back on the Asda specials from last week ...

... the primitivo is OK - just about a £5 worth but nothing to get excited about

... the Gavi on the other hand is excellent value - nice & crisp with some lemony aftertastes

My local asda also had some Australian "Zilzie Shiraz Viognier" at half-price (about a fiver) - very nice blend indeed and was excellent with lasagne.

Don't know whether it was a national offer or just my itsy bitsy store trying to clear some shelf space. Will be down there later to empty the shelf & investigate the Falanghina :)
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''drunk all year round''

I know people like that...
Get him CD ;)
Question Author
Sunny, I don't know if you know, but the Primitivo is available in 2007 and 2009. The 2009 isn't worth bothering with, but the 2007 is excellent.

The Zilzie Viognier is a more intensely flavoured Viognier than most - it was okay but I wouldn't buy it again.
Just checked the primitivo - you're right - the bottle I drank was the 2009, but the bottle in my rack is 2007 - must have been guilty of "shopping with brain offline" or I'd have picked up two of the older vintage ...
Question Author
Let me know what you think of the 2007 when you've tried it! :-)
Are we at cross purposes on the Zilzie - mine was a red Shiraz/Viognier blend, not the white Viognier ?
Question Author
Ah right, I had the white. Deep straw colour and extremely overpowering. I made the blunder of buying it at full price.
The red is good at half price - not a tenner's worth though.

Any thoughts on the Aldi christmas specials?

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The barolo was excellent last year but I'm not sure it's the same producer/vintage this time
Question Author
Wow, I've been looking everywhere for the Silver Label Wolf Blass!

And Sancerre and Chateauneuf for under a tenner... someone's stopping at Aldi on the way home...

Magnum of Prosecco for £12.99. Methinks I've died and gone to the big wine bar in the sky. ;-)
I was there at 7:55 this morning - tenth in the queue for the limited availability 40 year old scotch ... came away empty handed - they had only been allocated five bottles :((((
Question Author
5 bottles for 1 store?
Yep - only 3,000 across the UK - £49.99 for a 40 year old speyside was a real steal - just hope people have bought it to drink not to sell on ....
Question Author
Have a look through Ebay tomorrow...
Question Author
Well I'm in Hereford tonight for a visit so I guess the bubbles will be flowing shortly.

Any nice wines being uncorked this evening?
agree on the Banrock if you like a Chard

Mine has been a Feudi di San Marzano Rosso Salento 2008 (Italian £7-25). It's a 100% Primitivo grape and therefore full bodied with cherry notes and touches of spice. Prune and vanilla flavours fill the palate and for the money, delish!

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