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Wine of the Week.

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NoMercy | 11:07 Thu 24th Nov 2011 | Food & Drink
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Tesco are now doing a range of monovarietal wines called, "Simply".

Simply Cabernet Sauvignon, Simply Chianti, Simply Sauv Blanc, Merlot, Shiraz, Chardonnay and many other varieties. With prices ranging from £3.69 to £5.49 per bottle, it not only is affordable, it takes away the complication of choosing a wine for those who would normally stand there scratching their heads and not knowing what to choose.

However, Wine of the Week this week is another corker from the Bernard Series - The Whole Bunch Grenache Blanc / Viognier (SA 14%). An incredibly flavoursome wine with beautiful aromas of wild mushroom and herbs. Would pair well with a creamy chicken pie or mushroom risotto. Available in Tesco for £10.99.


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Do you try all these yourself, NoMercy, in order to recommend them ? Must be 1 a day at my count.
Question Author
I haven't tried anything from the Simply range yet, OG. If I feature 1 wine a week, how do you reckon on my trying 1 wine per day?
1) Simply Cabernet Sauvignon
2) Simply Chianti
3) Simply Sauv Blanc
4) Merlot
5) Shiraz
6) Chardonnay
(many other varieties)
7) Whole Bunch Grenache Blanc / Viognier

Question Author
Oh I see. Good job I didn't drink all those!

If you see any wine bargain about, OG, let us know.
My woman has bought a few bottles of Collezione Italiana Red Wine from some supermarket lately. Not bad, but needs a short while to breathe before trying. Prior to that we were trying the Badgers Creek Australian Red, but it seems difficult to get that now.
Question Author
DT would probably be able to find it for you.

I do love an Aussie red!
Question Author
Given the time of year, I'm sure many would appreciate knowing about ANY offers out there on beers, wines and spirits.

If you see any or know of any good offers on any drinks, please feel free to mention them on the wine threads.

Ocado (online) have Freixenet Excelencia Vintage Cava available at half price for £6.50 - a great one for Christmas toasts, lots of other offers too.
Question Author
Thanks, Mamya. Waitrose are doing the same offer I think.
Ah yes well they are partners as such, have no outlets here so must rely on online deliveries.
Question Author
I never knew that.

Oh wait... I think I have seen the name Ocado on the delivery vans... ??,r:0,s:0&tx=50&ty=60

^^^ I am falling back in love with rioja. I think I had this ^^^ one recently (I don't recall it having all those wires on the outside bottle) and it was on special offer from 12.99 to 6.99 or something. Hopefully it's the right one as if so, it was lovely.

Oh, and the simply chianti I seem to recall is not very nice but the sauv blanc and merlot are.
"An incredibly flavoursome wine with beautiful aromas of wild mushroom and herbs."

eh, dunnit it just smell of wine ? next you'll be telling us about the one that smells of gym shoes and sweaty fat men with expensive aftershave.
Question Author
Thank you very much for the feedback on the simply range, China, and for the Rioja recommendation. Rioja is a lovely wine and simply unbeatable with a damn good cheeseboard!
Question Author
Ankou, have you anything serious or helpful to add?
wolf blass yellow label white and red is 2 for £10 in asda
"Ankou, have you anything serious or helpful to add"

do i ever
McFluff good shout - love that.
Question Author
Lovely, Fluff.

I tried the Silver label Cab Sauv round at Bob's parents' house, and I was awesome! I'll grab some of that, I think. x
tis very nice

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