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NoMercy | 08:09 Thu 06th Oct 2011 | Food & Drink
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Now that Autumn/Winter is well and truly on the way, I thought I'd go in search of a hearty red to warm the cockles and something ideal to serve with dinner on Saturday evening. Dinner consisted of Medium rare loin of lamb, herby butterbean and potato puree, creamed spinach and a red wine and recurrant jus.

I opted for St Hallet Gamekeeper's Reserve - a richly concentrated red from Australia's Barossa Valley. The ripe berry characters of Grenache mingled beautifully with the jus, the peppery shiraz perfectly complemented the lamb and the Touriga added a little extra savouryness to the whole experience.

St Hallet Barossa is currently available in Waitrose for £6.66 (down from £9.99).


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Oops, I forgot the balsamic roasted baby carrots!
-- answer removed --

Yay ... I'll grab a bottle at lunch time ... after I've been to COSTCO.
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Hi Doc, let me know any more offers you find.
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Let me know what you think, JJ.
In Morrisons today;
Namaqua Elephant River ( South African )
Reserve Shiraz/Cabernet 14%
1/2 Price @ £4.69
Lindeman's ( Australian )
Shiraz/Cabernet 13.5%
1/2 Price @ £4.49
Masterpeace ( Australian)
Gold Reserve Shiraz 12.5%
1/2 Price @ £4.49
Well I do like a bit of red wine, I'm no connoisseur on the subject but I know where I'm going on Saturday evening... see you about seven Nomercy ;-)
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Hate to break it to you, Ark, but the dinner was last Saturday to welcome back my OH who'd been on a climbing expedition. Sorry! ;-0

Redman - I will definitely try the Namaqua! :-)
I love Namaqua.......
Oh shooks, and I pride myself on being punctual, I'll keep an eye out for the next one.
Following my bigging up of sainsburys own wines recently, their own beaujolais is very nice! It does need to be room temperature and I like to let it sit around in the glass for a while but really tasty... although I know you like the bigger bar steward reds than I do. :c),r:2,s:0
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Sounds nice actually, China. I'll look for it next time I'm in there.

Craft - I'll definitely try it then and report back.
This week Sainsbury's have had "Heritage Road", a Merlot, on offer. Normally £9.99 a bottle, buy 3 for £12.00, buy 6 bottles get an extra 5% discount. Resultant price is £3.80! Eminently drinkable.
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Thanks for that, DocHH. It's always good to know what special offers are on. I'll look out for it.
Looking at these posts, I keep wishing there was an online replacement for Malcom Gluck's long-vanished Superplonk recommendations. Anyone remember that year when he tipped Asda's Cava which had been reduced to £2.49? ''...better than Krug's champagne at £100 a bottle''. Or the Co-op's Graffignia Cabernet Sauvignon reduced to £3.29 which tasted like a wine costing over ten times that price? Happy days, alas no more.

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