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NoMercy | 10:54 Thu 01st Dec 2011 | Food & Drink
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Block 13 Mclaren Vale Australian Rousanne/Marsanne/Viognier.

This is a dry and elegant wine with flavours of crisp, crunchy green apple and tropical fruits, with a sherbety tang on the finish. Would make an excellent partner to Asian and spicy foods, or finger foods such as duck rolls and Tempura prawns. Available in Tesco at the normal price of £8.99. Also available online:


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i´m a lucky bleeder,her indoors/novia, makes a really good to die for seafood paella, i´ll have to download a pic tomorrow if i dont get carried away by the fragrances.
19:48 Fri 02nd Dec 2011
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Also, for those of you who haven't had a good mooch around yet, there are an abundance of wine offers on in the Supermarkets, as we head into the festive period.

Sainsburys have some excellent cavas, proseccos and wines on at 2 for £10, and Tescos have some premium selection wine on at 2 for £12.

If you spot any great offers on Wines, beers and spirits, or indeed mixers, please give everyone a shout.

Question Author
Btw, if anyone sees Malibu on offer, please could they let me know.

Morning NoM

Will keep an eye out for malibu (although I've never understood its appeal) - I think Aldi may do a 'lookalike' - would that be any good?

Meanwhile ... a nice Mâcon Villages from Majestic - every bit as good as the description on the website - nice and 'chewy' and with enough character to drink with most meals - excellent with Roast Lamb
Question Author
That sounds superb, SD! I was thinking about doing Lamb on Saturday when his nibbs gets back.
A decent "find" in Asda,of all places.

OH picked up 2 Bottles ..Vignes de la Citadelle 2010...a classic Bordeaux
cant tell you the price...but OH is quite a good ferret,and a bit of a bargain hunter...And it went very well with Jerk Chicken,Rice & Peas.
Question Author
Ooh, I haven't had a bordeaux in yonks... I really want one now.

Asda have some great wines on Roll Back at the moment. The Viognier and the Primitivo (both from their Extra Special range) are still £4.50 and £5 respectively.
I'll make a note for when I go out.

I fancy trying something new.

Thanks, HB.

mmm - might try the Viognier - my favourite white grape at the moment :)
Question Author
You're welcome, Seagull. And thank you for the wine you recommended the other day - it looked superb.

SD... the Asda Viognier is divine. My FIL loved it when he tried it.
Question Author
Don't know about you guys, but I am really looking forward to a glass of wine tonight. Well, I don't have to get up early in the morning...!!
My (tiny) local Adsa didn't have the Viognier, but did have the Primitivo and a Gavi from the same range both at £5 - will report back when they've recovered from the journey home ...

... meanwhile a nice Waitrose Palo Cortado ( http://www.waitrosewi...30206633/Product.aspx ) sherry as an afternoon stiffener seems appropriate (well it is dark now) ;)
Question Author
Nice one, Dave. Let me know what you think of the Primitive and I would be especially interested to know what the Gavi is like.

My local co-op has Cordoniu Rose Cava on at £6.49. Perfect for a Friday evening... :-)
Oooh - memories - I had a tour of the Codorniu winery & cellars when I was in Spain last year for the MotoGp - fabulous place & very liberal with the tasting :=)
Unfortunately, in Scotland we no longer have the multi-offers on alcohol.
I did notice Sainbury's were stocking a Mâcon-Villages reduced to £5. These days my visits to the supermarket are confined to very early mornings before the alcohol counter is open in order to avoid coughs and sneezes as my immune system is low. I therefore very much appreciate the Wine of the Week thread!
Question Author
You lucky devil :-)

Did they explain any of the vinicultural process behind making the wine?
Question Author
Well thank you, Euphemia.

Do you get your weekly shopping online?
I get essentials early in the morning and then OH does the rest.
We´re having a nice bottle of asturian cider to wash down our yummy seafood paella : )
Question Author
I meant have you considered buying your big weekly shop online?
We have given it thought but we are very close to the supermarket. If the weather gets really bad we probably will do an online shop.

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