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NoMercy | 15:23 Thu 27th Oct 2011 | Food & Drink
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If you like a rounded, structured, full-flavoured and bold white wine, look no further than La Chasse Chardonnay/Viognier. Full of citrus and exotic fruits, this wine really needs a good flavoursome dish to stand up to it - something like a strong cheese tarlet, or wild mushroom risotto with truffle shavings.

Available in most supermarkets from £5.99.


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Hi NoMercy, will check out the offers in Morrisons tomorrow, usually they have several every week !
sounds nice :-)
Question Author
It is a nice drinking wine too.

Actually, this was the first ever wine Bobjugs and I shared together (picnic, Hyde Park, 10th July 2010)

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Sounds lovely, Leyland. Where do you get it from?
"wild mushroom risotto with truffle shavings"

Just the sort of thing I knock up for supper each evening, LOL.

But, seriously, I'll look out for the wine, and give it a try.
will it go with my lamb lol
Nice one nom...

but you can get gold leaf from cake decorating shops looks lovely on plain chocolate frosting
do you not have gold leaf to hand JJ, i have some, i never go without. although i wouldn;t waste it on a dead slug, i'd decorate a beef wellington with it
Question Author
Suppose it would look nice on a cheesecake then.

I tried the La Chasse at my last dinner party and everyone loved it.
cheesecake ....... edible glitter...
Gold leaf?

Err ... no.
I have this one at the moment http://www.sainsburys...k/groceries/index.jsp and it's lovely. I was getting bored with the other one I was buying but still didn't fancy anything really heavy, and this claret has really hit the spot.

I brought this one on Monday, it was on special offer reduced from £11.99 to £5.49 or something. It was nice but I would have been peeved had I paid the full price for it; definitely a nice wine for a fiver but much over that and it's not worth it to me.
Tut, my claret link didn't work, it's this one... Although it's not a winner with the fella reviewiing it at all! Also, it cost me £4.20!
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Hi guys. Sorry for the rubbish replies before.. I was more or less leaving work at the time.

Redman, I would love it if you could let us all know what offers are on in Morrison.

China, I will try look out for the one you're drinking now. X x
I think it's nice but I know very little about wine.

Did you want me to try and find out who you're booked with? (I'm not sure who does the Monday clinics any more off the top of my head).
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Well he wrote the King's name down alongside the date and time so I am assuming it's the big kahuna we're seeing.
Coolio :c)
Offers in Morrisons today
Kumala Zenith Chenin Blanc/Chardonnay 13%
1/2 Price @ £4.99 ( S.African )
Masterpeace Semillon/Sauvignon Blanc 12.5 %
1/2 Price @ £4.49 ( S.Australia )
Question Author

I tried a bottle of the Kumala the other week and 'twas delish!

Thanks Redman.

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