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Wines of the week!

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NoMercy | 10:13 Thu 14th Jul 2011 | Food & Drink
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Wine 1: Cono Sur Viognier from Chile's Colchagua Valley is not your typical, perfumed Viognier. Indeed this is a more robust version of the grape variety which has all the full-bodied flavour of a chardonnay, coupled with the mouth-watering acidity of a Sauvignon. The leafy bouquet is followed by an enticing apple crunch, flavours of ripe juicy melon and peach and just a hint of nuttiness and spice on the finish. Perfect for partnering any type of Asian cuisine. Available in Morrisons for £6.99.

Wine 2: Domane Wachau Gruner Veltliner is a real breakthrough for Austrian wine-making. Grown on the banks of the river Danube, this grape variety is sure to become a favourite among wine lovers when output increases. This is a dry, crisp, citrussy wine with tasty herbal notes and plummy, spicy undertones. A perfect little slugger for warm summer evenings and a classy accompaniment to all Mediterranean fayre. Available in Waitrose for the normal price of £8.49.

Any wine discoveries you'd like to share?


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They`ve got Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc for £5 at Sainsburys at the mo. Well they did last night anyway. I`m having an alcohol-free week though.
Question Author
Oyster Bay Sauv is delicious and I'm told is the one HM serves at her little informal soirees. £5 is a jolly good price as independent wine retailers will often charge in excess of a tenner for it.
"Available in Waitrose for the normal price of £8.49"

Fabbity fab. I can feel a little trip to Waitrose coming on !

I can pick up a ding dinner while I'm there.
Question Author
Hi JJ. I doubt you'll be disappointed in that wine!
Maybe I'll take the car, and buy a case, then.

I think they give a case discount.
Question Author
Superb! Look out for the Puklavec and Friends Sauvignon Blanc, the Picpoul de Pinet and a good Pinot Gris!
Question Author
Quick question:

Are there any Rosé lovers out there? I'm not a fan of Rosés but would like to keep trying them, lest I miss out on something really spectacular. I prefer drier wines and preferably something with an ABV of at least 12%. Can anyone recommend any?
I find a lot of roses taste like wine in a demi-john that hasn`t finished fermenting yet. If you want something with a higher abv you`re looking at a rose Shiraz (probably S African or Australian). I personally wouldn`t bother with Californian. My favourite is Pinot Grigio blush. There is a nice Mondelli one that they do at Sainsburys. Sometimes they have it in their 3 for £12 deals. It`s more delicate than shiraz but I`m not sure of the abv. Probably 12 or 12.5
Question Author
Actually I did imbibe rather a lot of Californian Rosé with OH's family on Christmas morning, and whilst it was quite light and only about 10% ABV, it was rather refreshing.

There are one or two blush Sancerres (Pinot Noir) in Sainsburys, which are appealing as they are a light blush and not a dark pink, which I find off-putting.
Thanks for the tip about the Sancerre. I`ve got a friend who absolutely loves Sancerre. I might mention that to her and see what she thinks.
I got 6 bottles of, 'Calice Di Bacco' Pinot Grigio Blush for £13.50!!!
Question Author
Well the white is made with Sauvignon Blanc and the Blush is made with the Pinot Noir. I think there's a new breed of NZ blush Sauvs now coming onto the market too.
Question Author
Sounds like a giveaway, Kat!
Question Author
It's 3 for a tenner until payday, now. My bank balance is critically ill. :-(
Oh for a Waitrose down here - it's in the project phase, the two closest being Saltash and Okehampton, some 60 miles away....

Had rather a nice Ceppaiano Chianti this last week - good depth and very smooth (a def re-buy) £7-75 on that one.

Just about to try (well tonight) a bog standard Cape Nelson CabSauv and Shiraz blend to see me into the weekend. Not a massive fan of SA wines, especially their whites, but one must remain open minded and it was a Sainsbury spec.
Had a rather nice Grand Bormani Rose from Provence with good depth and dryness, NoM. The only problem is where to get it in this country as it came from just behind my sister's place in Lavendu and she brought a mixed case home as a pressie for me. The red was superb and I wrote about that earlier (I think).....
So I've bought 24 of the second one, and got a very jolly discount.

I've whapped six of them in a fridge for later, when we get back from the pub/bar/club casino ... well, from wherever we end up, really.

I like the bottle. Quite classy.
Question Author
DT, I love the sound of the Chianti. I was just thinking only yesterday that I haven't had a Chianti in years. I may have to consider that for my next purchase.

I didn't get down to Waitrose over the w/end but did pop into Asda and just grabbed a bottle of their Chosen By You Viognier (Pays D'oc) for £6.99 and all I can say is, "Wow." Superb, succulent, perfumed, honeyed, fruity and delicately spicey. Definitely on my favourites list!

JJ - I hope you weren't disappointed with the Gruner Veltliner! :-)
We enjoyed it, HB.


There doesn't seem to be much left. I think there must have been a few bottles missing from the boxes when I brought them home !!!
Question Author
Glad to hear it, JJ. I've got Waitrose's wine book and there's so many in there I'm dying to try.

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