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Last Meal

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Vagus | 14:35 Sat 06th Jan 2024 | Food & Drink
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Just had a conversation with OH about what he'd choose for his last meal. He couldn't decide on any specific one, it was a choice of three.

 Myself, there's no contest, it would be a roast dinner.

What about you, what would you choose?

(a bit fed up/bored, so just a bit of fun 😋)



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A chicken madras with pilau rice, Peshwari naan and as much Cobra as I could get over my neck all rounded off with a mint imperial or individual orange chocolate.

My mothers homemade stovies really wish I had her recipe 


my fathers toad in the hole

I think mine would be a roast as well. Although Bangers and Mash would run a close second.

Ooh! Toad in the Hole!

I'm in a quandry now.

oh how I love a Sunday Roast if someone else has cooked it, but being boring I'd be happy with Steak and chips.

A giant bowl of buttery, garlicky big Argentinean shrimp, with a baguette to mop up the butter. New York cheesecake with fresh raspberries to follow. 

A whole cold lobster with just a french stick & butter, seafood sauce and maybe a little iceberg lettuce. Afterwards I can't decide between home-made pavlova with raspberries and double cream or a tub of Haagen Dazs vanilla caramel brownie.

When you say last meal , is this before execution , hung,drawn,quartered , death from natural causes?

if any of the above, I doubt I'd have an appetite !!

In some ways I wouldn't care since I would not have to do the washing up.

I'd probably go for a tagine with broad bean and dill rice.

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Just go with it Anne, it's a bit of fun 😁

Seafood Paella with a few bottles of Rioja

gammon steak and fried eggs 

death by chocolate extra large portion 

Just for you vagus. 
my mother's steak/sausage pie, boiled potatoes,/mash, carrots, processed peas,bread/butter for the excess gravy. 
mother's Sherry trifle .

I'd wait until summer and have Greek salad, extra olives, sun dried tomatoes, with buttered minted new potatoes from my garden.

Raspberry and white chocolate cheesecake with ice cream. 

with my impending demise, I don't have much of a sweet tooth but after the aforementioned steak and chips would be followed with Strawberry cheesecake.

I wouldn't care what it was, as long as it could be in a country of my choice, one which doesn't have an extradition treaty with us. 🙄

Ok, I've had a good think, and for me it would have to be Moules Mariniere with warm crusty bread, followed by Key Lime pie.
I've not made the moules since MrF passed, we used to love it.

Some very expensive tastes on here!  OK Red, I'll go with your stovies.  Make mine with beef dripping, onions and potatoes.  My my mum always said they were "stoved potatoes". I sometimes add some leftover gravy or add some "bisto" to give it a bit of colour and serve with oatcakes.

Monday stories, add the remaining roast meat from Sunday dinner .

Oh come on.

Obviously it's got to be cauliflower cheese.

Plenty of browned, almost burnt cheese sauce scraped off the pyrex dish.

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