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mallyh | 16:13 Tue 19th Dec 2023 | Food & Drink
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oh it stinks the fridge out ,i  washed the fridge out twice then realised it was the cheese ,it is now in the garage fridge x



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You should have put it either in the dustbin (provided you can keep it far enough away from your house) or taken it to the local tip. Disgusting stuff which should not be sold for human consumption (or for any other reason, for that matter). 

great stuff! baked in the oven and then served with a fresh baguette....

Question Author

that is what is planned ,not for me but mr mally and grandson x

You shouldn't keep it in the fridge. Esepcially at this time of year. Camembert was the fragrant backdrop of my student days. Smelly but adorable.

Love it! When it's smelly you know it's RIPE 😄🧀

Wonderful stuff; brilliant when runny on a ciabatta sandwich with sliced banana. (Sorry DTC I know you're not a lover of banana).

Love the stuff! Any cheese should always be served at room temperature though!


It always amazes me how smelly some of these cheeses are yet their taste is quite mild.

If you think Camembert is smelly, try Pont L'Eveque, OMG it stinks!

I take it out as long as possible before I want to eat it...the warmer the better.

Mmmmmmmmm Camembert - my favourite cheese.

I bought some Berthaut Epoisse to bring to my daughter's...never tried it. Was whiffey when we arrived in London. Apparently no.6 flavour strength...can hardly wait!

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i was ready to throw it out as i thought it was off but having read on line that it stinks i'll put up with it x

I remember buying some Le Rustique in Sainsbury's and the lady at the till turning green as it was smelly...I certainly noticed it on the bus home.

The Camenbert you unfortunately bought was over-ripe and bad, & should have been returned to the shop.,bad%2C%20similar%20to%20cat%20urine.

Pont L'Eveque is something - at least another magnitude of cheesy 'stink' above a ripe Camembert.

Ami Du Chambertin & Epoisses de Bourgogne must go on the list too and then there is a Pyreneean one too, as in 'Fiance' or 'Fance'.


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Khandro you have me worried now x

mallyh; Camenbert should not stink

One I used to buy really did smell of a urinal ...


We've spent a lot of time in France and have eaten a lot of smelly soft cheese, still here to tell the tale!

I do think you can be over cautious, unless you're pregnant, ill, or very ancient, then you'll survive.

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