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No Stars For Starbucks

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naomi24 | 08:55 Tue 19th Dec 2023 | Food & Drink
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Out shopping yesterday we nipped into Starbucks for a quick sandwich and cup of tea.  We were presented with bread rolls containing luke-warm lightly cooked bacon, yukky inedible soft fat and all,  flimsy little wooden knives to cut them with, grotesquely thick china mini-buckets of warm water (quantity over quality?) containing tea bags. the result of which turned the water a very unappetising shade of grey, and a little paper cup of milk.  We didn’t expect fine dining but that was a truly ghastly experience.  Never before and never again.


Does anyone actually like Starbucks?



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They seem to have one or two satisfied customers.


We had this experience many years ago at a motorway service station.  Not stepped inside one since.

Never been to one and never will. How such establishments remain in business baffles me.

For some unknown reason theyre very popular over here(spain) 

ive only ever been to one once, the coffee came in a huge mug, filled to the brim. They say they do nice cakes. I know one thing for sure they are overpriced!!

We had no choice but to use one once - or was it a Costa?  Never again.  Huge bowl size cup with a teeny handle I couldn't get my fingers through and a massive price.  

I don't know why these chains are so popular.

Been in Starbucks once with someone who was treating us to coffees.  Never, never, never again.  

Yes I enjoy there coffee greatly - thank you

Won't ever go in a Costa again either!

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I went in Costa once.  Coffee that may as well have been a bad cup of mud and served, as Barry says, in great big thick cups.  Just horrible.  

Sainsburys near me have given over their cafe to Starbucks a few months back. Starbucks have spent a tidy penny refitting it out. I was interested just how much they were charging for drinks so had a stroll inside. Coffee appeared to start from £3 upwards, sorry but people must be mad to go in there. In saying that I walk past every other day, and most times its empty so maybe people are not so mad. I also believe these coffee machines they use are set to give weak everything no matter what your choice, ie, colored water, its now the biggest con going in my view.

We hate those huge thick pudding basins!



I don't really use coffee shops...but I've not had bad experiences when I have.

I rather like Caffe Nero.

There's a new independent one near me that I'd like to try. They are the ones to give the business to.

I spend a lot of time in our major hospital for various reasons.  Costa took over their main cafe a few years ago.  We now use the little cafes inside the hospital run mainly by volunteers!  The main cafe  now is also very grubby.

The coffee in Starbucks is awful: watery slop in ridiculously large mugs - but then Americans are clueless about good coffee.  I recently noticed the cheapest cappuccino at the Costa in my local Tesco is £3.40!  Who can afford that ?   In a nearby village there's a nice café, but it's £4 there!

Agree with pasta that Caffè Nero is the least worst of the big chains.

They are opening coffee shops all over at a rate of knots, but I firmly believe the UK has been hit with just another habit / craze in most cases. Yes there are times when people are out and about and you may get the need for a coffee and you have a sudden hunger bug, but eh, that wont half cost you, and be disappointing. Getting to the craze and habit, whats all this with people walking round the shops holding their coffee in their paper cups/ theres more and more shops now displaying signs on the doors no drink or food allowed, for gods sake if you need a drink that bad, go and sit down inside were you bought it, and enjoy it, thats if you do enjoy hot water. opps!  sorry I will get my coat :) I don't think it will be to long now before the craze is over and they will be closing them down just as quick as they opened them. It won't any longer be cool to be in the coffee shop.

I get my coffee the way I like it - its strong and sweet and more importantly has milk alternatives - which is quite difficult to get in smaller cafe's.

Also like Nero

Yes I've never really comprehended how these places are in business. I don't mind a coffee from bucks/costa would never trust them to make a cup of Rosie though. The price of everything is kin ridiculous. We have an in house one at work and the saucepans must spend half their wages in there. I don't think that they can do arithmetic, well so few can these days but 5 £3 coffes a day is £75 a week! Some of them get rounds too so that must increase consumption. Amazing then when I tell you that there is at least one proper free coffee maker in each office section. That's what I use!

I like mine pretty strong too, thats why I stick to making mine own at home. A 227g bag of ground coffee costing £2.19 strenght No5 made in a cafetiere. The bag can last up to 2 weeks, a bit less if I go a bit crazy one week. But everyone to their own I guess.

I preferred Costa to Starbucks but can no longer support them since they decided this was an appropriate image to carry on their takeaway cups.

(Fingers crossed this link works) 

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No Stars For Starbucks

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