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Christmas Lunch

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Barmaid | 14:49 Tue 14th Nov 2023 | Food & Drink
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I can't work today due to noisy scaffolders (yay, they are going today), so I thought I better get on with sorting out the food for Christmas.  I've only got 7 on Christmas Day so I think I might do a cockerel with stuffing and pigs in blankets, bread sauce, roast spuds, roast parsnips, a selection of veg and gravy.  Then Christmas Pud or pavlova for pudding.

What will be your main meal of the festive season?



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Turkey and gammon. Roasties, stuffing, pigs in blankets and veg. Choc honeycomb pavlova for dessert and maybe Christmas pud if anyone prefers. It'll be washed down with copious amounts of pink fizzy stuff.

Gravy already made and in the freezer 

He is having - Roast turkey parcel, pigs in blankets stuffing balls, brussels and bacon, roast tatties, dauphinoise, cauli cheese and red cabbage

I am having mini seafood platter, lobster claws, dublin bay prawns, king prawns and ceviche scallops

Why not try a goose


pud is 4 year old F&M christmas pud and custard for him

trifle for me

Question Author

We are not keen on goose, Calmk.  I did a goose and a turkey a couple of years back and the best thing about the goose was the fat.

Rocky - chocolate honeycomb pavlova sounds delicious.  Would you post the recipe, please?

Red - I would be happy with a seafood platter.  That sounds lovely.  I might do that for me and Mr BM on Christmas Eve.

It will be a surprise  ..whatever my hosts have decided but I know it will be delish. 🤤 I have offered to do the washing-up. 

There comes a stage in life where the reply to the OP IS 


Indian Carry Out for me

I'm in a bit of a dilemma this year because I have people coming from abroad who aren't familiar with our traditional food and who I'm pretty sure will be quite perplexed by it - so I'm considering doing the usual prawn/smoked salmon starter (I think they'll be fine with that) and help yourself (I always serve everything in dishes for guests to help themselves) turkey, beef, potatoes, vegetables stuffings, gravy and all that plus a selection of cold meats and various salads, an assortment of puddings including the Christmas variety, and the usual cheese board and chocolates.  Something for everyone.  I just dunno.  What do you think?

sounds great what time do you want me round?

I have a humongous hen of a pheasant here and plucked and gutted it yesterday - now residing in the freezer...with a cock and two partridge. Not too many feathers fell off the work counter.

With it the usual trimmings and I'll probably make a port and cranberry sauce - afterwards, good cheese and pudding - and homemade Xmas cake.....


You're welcome, TTT.  We  accommodate all comers for Christmas dinner.  :o)


DTC, how many are you feeding?



Question Author

Anne and Haz - much as I would like to be surprised at someone else's, Mr BM is on call on the day so we cannot leave the house and so if the family want to be together, we have to host.

Naomi - that sounds great.  I always put my food in serving dishes too.  I absolutely LOVE my little hostess trolley for that (very 70s but an absolute godsend for keeping everything hot and then transporting it from the kitchen to the dining room).

Maggie, a take out curry sounds great.  If it was just me and Mr BM, we would probably do that too.

Question Author

DTC, that's just reminded me I have a brace of partridge in the garage which I need to dress later.  

I've got I've of those barmaid.  Wouldn't be without it!  Fantastic when you're feeding the proverbial five thousand and need to top serving dishes up.


I can't stand having a plate of food put in front of me especially if it's a huge mound of food - puts me right off eating- or it contains food I don't like but feel I have to make an effort to eat.  Difficult because I'm not a big eater at the best of times.   I always put everything on plates and in dishes and jugs for everyone to help themselves.  That way no one is stuck with what they don't want.

On my own so tossing up between Chinese picky bits, or a giant Yorkshire pud filled with beef, roasties and gravy from m&s

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Rowan, Tescos have got some nice picky bits in at the moment on 3 for 2.  I've stuck a load in the freezer for my "can't be bothered" days.  Mind you, I've just been looking at Aldi and they seem to have some nice stuff too.

Don't fret BM, one day you can say ....... surprise me .!!

Question Author

lol Anne.  I was just talking to Mr BM about Boxing Day and he mentioned NYE.  My response to "what are we having on NYE" was "I have no idea, surprise me".  

Beans on toast ( that'll be a surprise ) .

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