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What Are Your Food Matches Made In Heaven?

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naomi24 | 13:24 Tue 14th Nov 2023 | Food & Drink
31 Answers

Dark chocolate and cherry for me.





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Ginger and lime 😋

Marmite & peanut butter.

Camembert and banana on a sandwich.

Boiled potato slices on a pepperoni pizza.

Cheese, jam and marmite

Cream cheese ham and marmalade

orange sorbet with chocolate sauce

Chilli and garlic.

Fresh slices of mango with chocolate ice cream, heaven indeed!

Strawberries with black pepper

Dark chocolate    ....   Ginger

Cauliflower and cheese sauce 

Rich fruit cake and cheese.

Tomato juice and Vodka . ( and celery)😘

Cheddar cheese and blackcurrant jam sandwich on white bread

cauliflower cheese

King prawns with chilli icecream

ham and pineapple pizza

banana and pumpkin seed ryvita

Boiled beef and carrots

Boiled beef and carrots

That's the stuff for your 'darby-kell'

Makes you fat and it keeps you well

Don't live like vegetarians

On food they give to parrots

Blow out your kite

From morn' till night

On boiled beef and carrots    

Cheese & Onion

Raspberries & fresh cream

I bet Tora's gone all a-quiver. 🤣

Gin and tonic

Red wine and very dark chocolate (85% at least)

Apple pie and custard

T-Bone steak and fried onions - you can keep the side dish

Charente melon with a tiny sprinkling of salt.

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What Are Your Food Matches Made In Heaven?

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