How Long Shall I Reheat Minced Meat In The Microwave For?

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spathiphyllum | 14:50 Tue 13th Mar 2018 | Food & Drink
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My ma made some delicious 'spag bol', and i'd like to eat it for lunch, so i went home and bought some to the office in a Tupperware. Usually i'd boil it in a pan, but we don't have a stove at the office.

How long shall i put it in the microwave for? I'm not having it with pasta or spaghetti.


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3 minutes, see if it's hot enough, more if then necessary
Loosen the lid first.
Until it's piping hot - time will depend on quantity and power of microwave. Probably 3 minutes will be fine - if in doubt give it a little bit longer.
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I'll go for 2 minutes, give it a stir and see how it's going. Thanks for the reminder Mamy, as i usually pierce the lid, you can't do that with Tupperware.
“Loosen the lid first.”

Good call, the last thing you need at lunchtime is using your break time to clear up the remains of a food explosion.
It depends on the amount of mince you’re reheating, spath. As has been said, for a single portion I would give it 2.5 mins on high then give it a stir and try it.

It also depends on the wattage of the oven. Mine’s 900, but I guessing an office one maybe less.
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I ended up doing 3 stages of 1.5 minutes, stiring after each. Was delicious :P
Was it hot enough to be piping ?
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Yes i burned my toung :,)

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How Long Shall I Reheat Minced Meat In The Microwave For?

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