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When Was The Last Time You Ate Faggots?

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barry1010 | 07:41 Thu 18th Apr 2024 | Food & Drink
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We are having them for dinner today, made by our butcher.  Probably the last until autumn.

I remember Mr Brains faggots advertised a lot on the TV years ago, always thought the name unfortunate.  We tried them once but weren't keen.  Not a patch on proper butchers faggots.

Do they still advertise?




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I can't imagine going in a butchers shop and asking if they have any Faggots. 😅

Just looked at what is in a Faggot and no, not something I would eat.

Question Author

I know exactly what is in them - good, nutritious meat with a great source of iron.

Faggot has a totally different meaning where I live.

My answer is never!!

Question Author

Bundles of kindling for a fire? It means that too in the UK

Faggits and paize

Nah, a different meaning Barry

I love faggots. Had some a couple of weeks ago

Question Author

Butchers or supermarket, Cloverjo?  Maybe you made them yourself. 

I think faggots are the poor man's meat balls.

I wouldn't mind giving them another bash though.

Question Author

They are large pork meatballs really, wrapped in beef caul.  Lovely baked in gravy.

I recall seeing a sign on a bus many years ago 'Brains, Pies and Faggots'  Ive never eaten them 

Is it Mr Brains or faggots giving you problems, barry?

Barry, from a decent butcher

I'm sure thay were called "Brains Faggots" (ie, no Mr) when I first came across them; the Mr came later and I wonder if the name was putting people off buying them. I had them once and quite liked them but I've never had them since.

Never.  Is it something like a southern cousin of a haggis?

I had a Faggot last night with mash and peas and onion gravy.

Brains Faggots alas are now nothing like they used to be.

They do not taste very nice, and dissolve very easily.

They still sell them, in twos, fours, and sixes.

Question Author

I think they are, Sandy.   Thanks, david.  We always have them with mash and peas and lots of gravy.  

About a year ago. Brains brand. They are ok but are just a mincemeat ball in gravy. Not a patch on the ones the local butcher sold when I was a kid.

never had them & not on my bucket list....

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When Was The Last Time You Ate Faggots?

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