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Friday Not Fish

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Vagus | 18:47 Fri 19th Apr 2024 | Food & Drink
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We've just had egg and chips, or as Shirley Valentine called it chips and egg (never heard anyone call it that) with some sweetcorn.

Off on our travels soon, just using stuff up.



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>>> "or as Shirley Valentine called it chips and egg"

Northerners like to put their chips first!  For example, if you ask for "fish and chips" in a Sheffield chippie, they'll know know straight away that you're not a local.  It's always "chips and fish" in that fine city!

We rarely have fish on Friday. I went to our local farm shop today so we're having flat iron steak mushrooms chips and green beans with a cadburys flake ice cream cone for after. I'm sat with my glass of wine as OH likes to cook the steak happy days 😃

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I'm from ooop north originally and I've never heard anyone say chips before egg or fish.

Poll, we've sat under our newly constructed pergola for a couple of hours this afternoon, sharing a bottle of fizz and then a G&T in the sun. We have Friday fish because it make us eat fish otherwise we'd not bother..except today of course and it's Friday egg 🍳

I once queued in line for fish and chips in the screw's canteen of Hull Prison. I was asked by the trustee serving it if I wanted gravy first or second.I did'nt care,as a southerner for gravy with my Fish and Chips but just hoped he hadn't gobbed on my plate in the kitchen.

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Gravy??? With fish and chips?????? OMG 🤢

Sounds great vagus we love to sit in the garden . We're hoping to get out at the weekend to do a bit of weeding and then relax with some drinks and nibbles. My daughter lives next door so no doubt she'll be over if she hears the clinking of wine bottles 😂

We have an excellent fish van here every Friday morning, so I sometimes have fish on a Friday.

However he opens for trade at 6.30am (having purchased his stock from Lowestoft fish market a few hours earlier and then driven 50 miles to get here), and I'm definitely not a morning person, so he's often sold out by the time that I'd like to buy some fish 😕

We used to have a mobile fish and chip van come to our village on a Friday. It was great as we are at least 10 miles away from a chip shop. They stopped coming when lock down started and never returned.

Ha Ha that made me laugh - I had never heard people say "chips and egg", always "egg and chips".  Why, I wonder?

PS  I love chips and egg late afternoon or early evening - one of my favourites, maybe with a spoonful of baked beans too

I miss our Friday fish & chip van - the guy retired and no one else took it on.

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Friday Not Fish

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