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Friday Fish Again

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Vagus | 18:28 Fri 19th Jan 2024 | Food & Drink
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Tonight it's beer battered cod portions, gigantic ones, chips and peas. Pud will be some maltesers or mini eggs.

Whilst rummaging in the freezer to see what fish we had in, I came across a big lump of beef I bought way before Christmas as it was half price, can't remember the last time we had a beef roasting joint. So tomorrow we'll be having that with aunt Bessie's large yorkies, sprouts, cauli, and roast carrots and potatoes. Even treated us to a new jar of horseradish sauce, the one sitting in the fridge door was three years out of date.

Does anyone else do Friday fish? 🐟 We have it on a Friday as it actually makes us eat fish once a week, not for any other reason.



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Usually have fish on Fridays but I have a steak  Pukkers Pie to use up and some Lincolnshire sausages. Probably have chips n peas with it. OH will likely have gravy on his. 

I love fish any day of the week.  Tonight it will be warm salmon, broccoli and potato salad.  

We have fish for dinner at least twice a week but rarely on a Friday, often on a Monday. I often have it cold for lunch. 

Do you batter your cod or buy it battered? 

I'll probably open a tin of sardines later (and warm them up with baked beans)

He had fish and chips, the dogs had a gluten free sausage each and I had a half portion of onion rings and a bit of his fish 

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I buy it battered, I don't buy wet fish. The one we're having tonight and have had before is a Sainsbury's extra special one, the batter is lovely and crisp and it's a big piece of fish, really nice.

That sounds really nice Rosie 😋

That doesn't sound quite as nice canary 🤢

Not fish here, Chili con carne with added chocolate.

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Yum, Tilly, I always have some high % chocolate in to drop into a chilli, makes a difference doesn't it?

It does, Vagus.

By the way, the soup I made was lovely. Thank you for that. 👍

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Great! Did you chuck in all sorts of stuff?

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You've made me think, Tilly, I have some quorn mince in the freezer, might make a gigantic chilli with it over the weekend 👍

Salmon, new pots and mixed veg. Very nice.

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That's one of our favourite fishy meals, salmon and new potatoes, we have to have peas with it though, OH is addicted to peas 🙄🫛

I had my fish last night...big Argentinean shrimp marinated with turmeric and masses of black pepper, cooked in garlic and ginger. Crispy bacon on top..

Tonight it's Cumberland chipolatas and aubergine in the slow cooker...then frozen raspberries and some very dark chocolate 

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The sausages sound nice, pasta, but cooked aubergine turns my stomach, horrid slimy stuff, tastes and smells like engine oil to me...not that I e ever tasted engine oil 🤔

Vagus, if it was veg, in the fridge, and it wasn't moving or rotten, it went in.

Nothing escaped. We had some lovely sourdough bread to dip in but there were so may veggies that I had to replenish the dip as we went along. Lovely.


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I'm so pleased Tilly, and really, really glad you enjoyed it 😋😘

yes vagus i always have fish on friday, today it was fish fingers,spuds,carrots,cauiflower,broccoli and sprouts and then the pub for a few pints of real ale.

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Wow, that's a lot of veg with your fish fingers!

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Friday Fish Again

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