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Air Fryer With 2 Baskets?

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NoseyNose | 02:34 Sat 20th Jan 2024 | Food & Drink
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Further to a previous post about Air Fryers.

What is the advantage to having an Air Fryer with one basket.Is it just a gimmick,or are they better than a single basket?

I ask,because I am thinking of buying one,and would like to get some advice from the clever guys,here on AB.



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Apologies(it's late!LOL)

That should have read

"What is the advantage to having an Air Fryer with two baskets"

I have a single basket air fryer and have never found the need for anything else.  

However, a google search did locate this aticle which you might like to peruse :-,baked%20potatoes%20and%20other%20vegetables.

You can cook two different foods at different times and temperatures, often automatically synced to be ready at the same time.

These are obviously more expensive to run.

Or, you can do twice as much of whatever food you are cooking at the same time. 

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I notice that some air fryers have little windows,to let you see the food that is cooking.Is there really any point to this?

I sceptical, it is supposed to stop the heat escaping as you look at the food through the windows but I doubt it's effective.  Windows steam up and get spattered and dirty

I dont have an air fryer but is a two basket version big enough to allow you to cook a whole chicken?

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Thank Yor that.

I did think that would happen.On our cooker,which has a top small oven,and larger fan assisted oven,they both have glass windows.

I never really look to see how the food is doing,AND the glass gets greasy and hard to clean too quickly.

So I think an air fryer with windows is a bit pointless.


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Relevant to checking the food, my cosori airfyer has a 'shake' function. It's meant for when you do something like wings or sausages that need turning. But I use it to check for the frittata I'm cooking now. Nothing ever cooks exactly the same every time you make checking is a good idea.

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Decent advice and all you need to know from Which?...

(incidentally, the Best Buys are from Ninja and Tefal)

Would depend on the size of your chicken, Rosetta. If you need one for whole chickens then vital to check the volume of both your usual chicken purchase and the basket before purchase.

Sage advice from OG.

I'd advise some onion too.

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Air Fryer With 2 Baskets?

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