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Do I Have Chinese Or Indian Tonight?

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abbeylee90 | 09:56 Sat 20th Apr 2024 | Food & Drink
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Might have takeaway tonight 



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Yes, good idea.

Toss a coin.

Neither. You need to repay debts and save up   and keep money adodr for your date nights.. You won't get paid until month end.

Abbey these questions seem ridiculous to most of us. A grown woman can't make a simple decision and asks strangers. Do you crave attention that you don't get elsewhere?


I'm so pleased you said that newmodarmy becasue yes that it what most of us think but if we say anything we're told off by powers that be and to ignore it. It's a ludicrous question, I'm sure abbey's reason for posting it has nothing to do with advice on her dinner.

Chinese. Every time. King Prawn Foo Yung. With chips. Never eat curry. B-a-a-a-d for you!

In your case abbey, not chips but french fries. Forgot youre in the USA.

She's in the UK.

Save your money, Abbey. 


Does your mum not cook for you?

Don't you have a date tonight ?

i've just been to Farm Foods and bought the makings of a chinese meal salt pepper chicken ,fried rice,duck rolls , chicken noodles and a jar of sweet and sour sauce,a lot cheaper than a take away  x

Yes we're having egg fried rice with left over rice,leftover pork belly anything in the fridge worth stir frying and half a bag of frozen prawns from Christmas.  I find take a ways too salty and greasy.

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My mum is not here and no I don't have one tonight 

Do you cook at all Abbey?

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Yes last couple of nights 

What is your favourite meal to cook, Abbey?

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Curry's, kieve, noodles, got them for last few nights 

Is that from scratch? Start to finish? 

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Some but spaghetti bol from scratch 

No healthy food.  At all.  And all these ridiculous questions.

Is abbey a teenager? Maybe she's been left on her own over the week end

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Do I Have Chinese Or Indian Tonight?

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