Hydrogenerated Carbs

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spathiphyllum | 17:06 Mon 29th Jan 2018 | Food & Drink
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what is hydrogenerated Carbs? Are they bad for you?/ the environment?

First I've hear from them... Google has no real information.


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I think you mean 'hydrogenated', rather than 'hydrogenerated'.
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I did... However they simply don't exist Bunchico! Hydrogenated Fat on the other hand (trans fat) does exist.
spath if they don't exist, where did you hear about them? have you got a link?
It is my understanding that if fully hydrogenated then the fat is no longer in a trans state. Has to be partially hydrogenated to get the unhealthy experience.
Unsure how one hydrogenates carbohydrates. Do carbs react to hydrogen ? (The name suggests it's already present ;-) best ask a chemist.)
Try Googling "sugar alcohols" or "polyols" instead of hydrogenated carbohydrates.

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Hydrogenerated Carbs

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