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Wine of the Week.

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NoMercy | 09:04 Thu 08th Dec 2011 | Food & Drink
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This week's Wine of the Week is a beautiful Italian number. Asda's Extra Special Falanghina is a wine that can be drunk all year round, thanks to its beautiful fruit salad aromas of apricot, satsuma and nectarine. One could imagine sipping a chilled glass at sundown in late July, or pairing it with with some lovely creamy Dolcelatte and walnut and raisin bread in front of a roaring open fire. A most delightful wine! Available in Asda for the bargain price of £5.28.

Wine bargain of the week is Banrock Station Reserve Chardonnay Verdelho - a robust and classy white with a lovely rounded structure, good body and powerful citrus notes, with underlying nuances of pineapple and other tropical fruits. Currently available in Tesco for £4.99, down from £10.99. Grab it while you can.

Any wine bargains you'd care to share?


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Question Author
Hi DT.

Sorry I couldn't post a reply last night, my connection was playing up.

That wine sounds really lovely... Is it from Experience?
NoM, have just added that falanghina wine to my asda shopping list, sounds delish.
i've been ploughing my way through all their extra special range, also those award/medal winning wines which have been reduced to no more than a fiver and am seriously impressed with all i've tried so far.
just finishing off a chilean, high tide, isla negra (really juicy, cherries, berries and chocolate notes) and have an ex. sp. 2011 shiraz barossa (recommended as a match for spicy foods) sitting with the screw cap off waiting to be polished off with the curry sitting in the oven.
From my experience of supermarket wine, the "bargains" taste awful and past their prime. They are usually at the end of their drink by date and the chemicals are really full on unfortunately. :-(
Saw a wine today called The Chocolate Shop; was described as 'a full bodied red with aromas of dark chocolate'; was £5.99 in Co-op and wondered if anyone's tried it and could either recommend it or say it's really not worth the bother?
NoM - naturally yes - going in Monday for a raid for Christmas wines

Thinking about a Marques des Vargas for Christmas.....
The Hacienda Pradolagar Riserva by the way.
Question Author
Daisy, I defy you not to like Asda's Extra Special range - superb value and good quality.

Ethandron, I will certainly try the shiraz!! We are having a curry tonight too. :-)

Sophie, I will look out for it!

DT, let me know if you find anything special.
Sauvignon Blanc from Sula Vineyards is my pick for the wine of the week. This emblematic Sauvignon Blanc is internationally acclaimed. This aromatic crisp and fresh wine has the classic green pepper notes of a Sauvignon Blanc but also offers super charming tropical flavors.

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