Ever had a 3some for real?

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MissCommando | 19:55 Mon 13th Aug 2012 | Relationships & Dating
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I am interested in hearing anyone's experience if you've ever had a 3some before? If so, what was it like? Did it ruin your relationship? Did it live upto your expectations? Did you regret it or would you do it again?

Keep it clean please and I only want genuine answers, thanks :P


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At least you are not split in two, Tony......
Eeenie meeny miney mo
So much lust breast and toe
3 in a bed who tops and turns
As neighbours listen to your gurns
Any way up is a great delight
3 sums are fun filled nights
Who kisses who is a decision to make
Hopefully no orgasms will be fake
This fun shouldn't be taken lightly
But is horny and can keep you sprightly
I've really not done 3sums that much
But to be honest I enjoyed every touch !!

Really if you get chance try ! xx
Mmmm a threesome ... and pizza ... who's bringing the wine? :+)
Not unless you count the time when the cat was licking my posterior as I was thrusting away - the shock made me go all peculiar and the lady in question presumed that I had "arrived"...
Lol Marty...priceless!!

I'm actually crying here...
Marty.....been there, done that - only my rear was playfully licked by a big Golden Retriever!

Wondered what the hell was happening for a second or two, but I nearing the point of no return so it didn't really put me off my stroke!
lol Marty N'M pmsl x
OMG now we have moved on to dogging !! lol
Have you ever and would you ever !! mmm
woof woof and who takes the lead !!
Question Author
Woah, I've had quite a few more responses now than when I last checked!

I get moments of thinking I really want one (I don't know who with though) to other times thinking no. They say it's prob best left to the imagination.

Sqad, I knew you were a bit of a lothario but I am shocked that you've actually had a 3some. I bet it was with a male and a female!!

Thanks for your answers, some of them made me laugh :)
Well there are a few on here to choose from MissC. :-)
Question Author
lol oh yeah, I'm spoilt for choice! I wouldn't know how to go about 'finding' someone. Maybe one day!
I have enough difficulty getting a onesome, never mind a threesome!
Question Author
lol Mike, awww. It's nice that you're waiting for the right woman. You'll enjoy it more then. How long have you been single?
My husband was always on about having one and nearly died when I agreed, but I thought he meant us and another man - that was the end of that!!
He`s beneath you MissC!
It's not something I would do.
Question Author
lol pips.

That's fair enough ummmm. I've just always wondered what it'd be like. I would probably never do it either, I'm just intrigued.
Gosh I would be looking at the other woman to see if she was better than me!
I'd never judge anyone for doing it. Each to their own.
Nice of you to sympathise, MissC, but I was being a bit sarky when I said onesome, when I was trying to imply one off the wrist (see the opening theme to The Life of Brian for further elucidation).

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