Ever had a 3some for real?

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MissCommando | 20:55 Mon 13th Aug 2012 | Relationships & Dating
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I am interested in hearing anyone's experience if you've ever had a 3some before? If so, what was it like? Did it ruin your relationship? Did it live upto your expectations? Did you regret it or would you do it again?

Keep it clean please and I only want genuine answers, thanks :P


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Murray and Tony. If you come and help me with this bloody lightshade you`re on!
Don't listen to him murraymints.
Don't believe her boys..................she's mine.
I thought you had enough dangly bits already ...
One more to this pile won`t notice, Dave.
Wait for Tony`s comment on dangly. :-)
Yes - my girlfriend had a close friend who was getting married, but had a crush on me (sorry for the lack of modesty)

She wanted to lay the ghost, so to speak, and my girlfriend wanted to be there to make sure I didn't get too keen.

I don't regret it, and it didn't ruin the relationship, but it was fun!
Dave. Hope you`ve started a book of Craftyisms.
Ven..go to that naughty step NOW..never heard the like...mutter ..mutter...
Hang on, hang on, who's got dangly bits ?
1: Yes, more than once.
2: Ok.
3: No.
4: I doubt I'd do it again.
Love is meant for two, yet Tony desired one more,
Fun with three, this love will be,
Sitting upon JJ's olive bathroom throne, he watched his beauties tease,
Moving deliberately, falling to their knees,
They slowly caress each other, then Tony said "look at me."

The girls had the option to run the proverbial country mile[i

Crimson Gness and Murray Burns with the want in their eyes,
Tony sitting in his throne, parted at the thighs,
He sits and enjoys their willingness to please,
Sitting next to me both maidens, he thought "wanting me",
Dreaming always in three,
this love is shared, not one....
but all that he please.

[i] Until Gness hit him with her spanner, Murraymints in self-denial]
Wouldn`t consider it now. Almost did many years ago until the other girl took her teeth out and put them on the table.
You can hit with the spanner too, murray!
LOL @ DT again hit with gness's spanner.
"hit him" that is
Awww poor Tony again. Knew that spanner would be useful.

DT. x
I had a feeling that a visit to the A & E would come into it somehow lol.
would I ever do such a thing ...tsk tsk ??..come Tone I'll get the plasters out..and you were getting over that nasty goat bite so well too !!!

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Ever had a 3some for real?

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