Ever had a 3some for real?

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MissCommando | 20:55 Mon 13th Aug 2012 | Relationships & Dating
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I am interested in hearing anyone's experience if you've ever had a 3some before? If so, what was it like? Did it ruin your relationship? Did it live upto your expectations? Did you regret it or would you do it again?

Keep it clean please and I only want genuine answers, thanks :P


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It did mine !
Split up the relationship I mean .....
I'm pleased for you sqad...............was any Ibruprofen involved?
errmmm....a marriage that has got sexually boring....

Have I missed something???? I though boring was sort of the point.....
It's ok if you're single but not with someone you're in a relationship with, it would ruin it.
craft....LOL....but i did monitor the situation for an hour or so.

I am more than enough for one man.
Squad's just raised an interesting point- mine was with two women and me- the whole dynamic would have been different if it had been me, my wife and another man.
I couldn't be arsed making 2 breakfasts..............
^^ best crafty answer again ^^

< who writes your scripts >
Just leave them to share the sausage, Crafty.
Was that a yolk Mick?
Lol @ craft. You be the breakfast!! Ill say no more....

And no i havent...not sure if i would...

Then again YOLO!! (you only live once)!x
was asked to by hubby, me being the meat in the sandwich, but told him it would have to be with people that I didn't nothing happened!
me Tony and Gness...nuff said !!!
LOL, hi ya murraymints.
-- answer removed --
Oh I'll go for a vanilla cream cake on that basis, murraymints - just leave tony out. Three's interesting, four's a crowd, as they say
hi love ....when you coming home ?? Gness is getting ALL the fun..!!!

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Ever had a 3some for real?

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