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eve1974 | 19:54 Tue 25th May 2021 | Body & Soul
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Acupuncture May just work?

incredibly painful shoulder for about ten days.

Came on suddenly. No rhyme or reason.

Yesterday (day 9) went for some Chiro and acupuncture.

Last night pain was worse. As in cldnt sleep. Pacing! And analgesics weren’t touching it.

But today.... it’s reduced dramatically- I mean it’s still bloody sore but i can at least move my arm better.

More acupuncture booked for Friday and hoping it improves further!

Clearly there may be something to this needle melarkey !


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Or the healing process has begun.
I was also offered a series of acupuncture sessions after suffering severe neck pain (like constantly carrying around a bowling ball weight). Told the acupuncturist that I didn't believe in it, so probably wouldn't have more than one session. He laughed and said it's not like fairy dust! However after just one session, I walked out lighter and free of pain for first time in a year. (I had also tried physio which had no effect.) After the sessions I have been relatively pain free since, but would not hesitate to try this again before other treatments. I hope it works for you too.
Suffered with back pain for years. Lived for a time in the Far East so became aware of acupuncture. Got fed up with being prescribed painkillers and being told I would have to manage this in my old age. Mid 1990s tried acupuncture - no back pain since. Don't know why and I don't care.
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Karamia - glad it helped! How many sessions did you have?

Douglas - I’m feel sure it was the acupuncture rather than the normal healing process. Because up until today the pain had been getting progressively worse. So to see such a big improvement in under 24 hrs is surprising.
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EdmundD - great it worked. Yeah like you I don’t care how... just happy it’s helped. Still a way to go (like I said she wants to do it again on Friday)
I think it may have been 6 to 8 sessions. It was about 6 years ago now. I always recommend it to friends and family, but you do have to go to someone who is qualified. Mine was arranged via GP and had it at the surgery. It was the last treatment they tried me on, but I really believe it should be one of the first.
Mine came about as we were watching breakfast television - there was a feature on the British Acupuncture Association. I contacted them and they recommended a practitioner. I think it was about 8 sessions.
Yes, I was a sceptic in acupuncture- but if you're in pain, you'll try anything to relieve it- I wouldn't say it's miraculous, but definitely can be a relief in some cases. It doesn't "last" so further treatments and alternative treatments (like the chiro) are often used in conjunction with it. Wishing you a full recovery.
I have chronic back problems and lots of pain due to squeezed sciatic nerve. G.P. tried a course of acupuncture (she's done a course) and gradually it helped. Fast-forward to a few months ago. I wrenched my r. hip badly - eventually accessed a 10 min. appt. with NHS phsio. who diagnosed damaged insertion of the gluteus maximus and gave me a few exercises - which I did, but still limping and lumbar region now yelling consistently and sullenly at me.

I finally got to see an osteo/phsio/acupuncturist privately on Wednesday - the relief is wonderful. Still stiff as anything and my body knows it's been in a fight, but it worked. Well worth it and I'm going back in a month. Such a relief.
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Glad to hear it jourdain! I went for 2nd acupuncture today. she thinks I will likely need about 5/6 sessions. Unfortunately I'm paying privately -(thankfully I am able to tho it does smart a bit!) -
I'm having to pay privately as well, eve, but I'm prioritising it because otherwise my life is so horribly affected. Glad it's working for you, too. :)

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