When Will This Pain Get Better ?

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CW1 | 15:04 Mon 24th May 2021 | Body & Soul
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Had a badly compacted kidney stone removed few days ago, a stent's in now for a few weeks, blood in the urine seems to have stopped today. Been taking paracetamol every 4hrs since but they're not touching the pain, wondering if they're more to try reduce the inflammation in the urethra ? Have used a Diclofenac suppository the last 2 nights & that's helped.
Anyone any experience to know when the pain might be better ?


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Were you given antibiotics after removal? I believe that's often done.

It's possible there may be some infection.
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After removal of the stone ? Not that I'm aware of, not unless it was during the op. I know kidney / water infections are something to be aware of, but it's not that.
I had a quick word with my doc (when I had my 2nd Covid jab the day after ;) )re the Diclofenac, he said the stent shouldn't cause pain so guessing it's just the inflammation.
If it doesn't start to subside soon I would still enquire and ask some advice.
My wife had a stent after having treatment for kidney stones. She found the stent caused quite a bit of discomfort. Lying flat seemed to help.
I have no experience of your condition, but I find the combination of paracetamol and bruffen effective. Good luck .
This pain.
Where abouts is it?
Is it constant or colicky?
Are you still passing urine ?
Are you drinking plenty ?
I had a stent fitted after having a large kidney stone lasered. The pain after I had passed urine was horrendous, so I guess that's what you are experiencing. I would make sure you drink plenty of water. Having the stent out is a bit uncomfortable (particularly for men), but nothing really bad. Watch out for infections after the removal of the stent.
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It is constant, Sqad. Difficult to judge exactly where it is, imagine you're absolutely desperate for the loo (which I'm not, I'm drinking & going loads !), that kind of pain. As I'm sat now tho', it's also in my groin, not dissimilar to when the stones were stuck, but they are "dust" so not that. Think that's why it may be the inflammation.

The pain passing urine isn't as horrendous as it was, had to stay put & catch my breathe for a while after the first few days.
Electrochem, how long was your stent in for, if you don't mind me asking ? Not looking forward to "several weeks" of it.
CW1......just wondered if there was another blockage by a stone, but by the description of the pain it is extremely unlikely.
Good advice by Electrochem and others......soldier on I'm afraid.
I am an old soldier as far as kidney stones are concerned. I have had several over the years and passed a few, had lithotripsy and had two removed surgically. I was kept in for about 8 days after the latest op' until my urine ran clear, The pain when the stone decides to leave the kidney for the bladder is quite unbearable and i would not wish it on anyone. Lithotripsy is ok but very uncomfortable till the stone breaks then one has to pass the gravel. Getting the stent out after it had been in for 3 months was very unpleasant, embarrassing and painful . The only time I got any real relief was with Tramadol My advice would be to drink water to excess and take as strong a pain killer as they'll proscribe .If you smoke try some dope! Be assured that if all the stone is out the pain will go eventually. Chris
My stone was in the lower pole of the kidney and was 17mm. I had my ureter was constricted so I had a double junction stent put in to dilate it. That was then removed, the stone lasered and an another stent put in. That was in for about 10 to 12 weeks. The pain was really bad for the first few weeks, which I believe is caused by the stent hitting the inside of the bladder when you have passed urine. I was going to the toilet at least three times per night.

When the stent was removed, I got an infection. I have never felt so ill. Got the rigors, but antibiotics knocked it on the head.
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Jeez, sounds like I could be in for a rough ride *gulp* This is only the left side, there are stones in the right kidney too, to be looked at once the left's been sorted but - fingers crossed - not causing problems yet.

They did try lithotripsy some time ago but when it came to it, the stones couldn't be seen on the x-ray & they had to abandon that idea. I was prescribed Tramodol but that did nothing for me, was told the next step would be morphine & only available at the hospital (a good 30min drive away). Having said that, Diclofenac does work, but there're obvious problems with timing (especially at moment when I can't / not allowed to "strain") & I tend to take at night so I can sleep, leaving me with little relief during the day.

Well, I appreciate your candour - 10 - 12 weeks Electrochem, doesn't bear thinking about ! - & will maybe try get it checked out in a few days if things don't improve, just for reassurance there isn't something else going on. Thanks all :)

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