Fao Buffymad/ Midagedtrollop

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Sqad | 10:32 Mon 24th May 2021 | Body & Soul
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Some feedback might be a nice gesture.


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It might well be that the folk have more urgent things to deal will than nipping back to AB to post thanks or anything else.
Question Author
Might be Corby.......might be.
Yep, would take them ages just to type Thanks after they had read Sqad's answer.
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Thanks is not necessary, but in many cases feedback is appropriate.
Oops that's me told:-(
Question Author^^^
And if they don't have access to a computer? Some people have to leave the house. And sometimes people don't want to give feedback about medical issues.
Sqad you have reminded me to give you some feedback. You gave me some advice about tinnitus. I visited my GP who ruled out any neurological problems and suggested ear wax might be the problem. I had it removed using micro suction. It hasn’t solved the problem entirely but has reduced the sound that I hear making it more manageable, especially at night. As you said, the doctor suggested if ear wax removal didn’t solve the problem, then age is to blame!
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Thank you milo.

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Fao Buffymad/ Midagedtrollop

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