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nailit | 19:45 Sun 19th Oct 2014 | Body & Soul
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In a similar vein to diesildicks 'hypnosis' thread below, has anyone here had acupuncture for anything (mental or physical) and did it work?
I was in a psychiatric hospital last year with severe depression and while in there was offered ear acupuncture for relaxation. With nothing else to do (except play pool) I volunteered. Not out of a sense that I would get anything out of it as I was a complete sceptic re: alternative medicine but rather just to get of the ward for a few hours.
We had a few pins stuck in our music, candles or incense...and the next thing I know we were all been asked to wake up. It was one of the most surreal experiences of my life. I went back to my ward with another guy who came with me and neither of us could explain it, we were both a bit dazed by it. We tried to figure it out...placebo, suggestion etc but whatever it was it was certainly odd. I remember lying there thinking what a load of bull and then an hour later been asked to wake up.


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I wasnt even tired at the time...
Nice to see you back nail it.
But did it help your depression?
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lol ladybirder, it did at the time. (I was asleep so didnt give a fig)
i have had it done twice for stress and also to control my eating, lot of rubbish.

save your money
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diesieldick, I had it for smoking, didnt work then for me either. Cant explain the ear acupuncture experience though.
I have a couple of friends who suffer from sciatica, one has been going to a physiotherapist and the other to a acupuncturist. The one going to the physio gets relief at the time but the pain returns. The other, although he has to go once a week for treatment has been pain free for months. Strangely the first one still refuses to try acupuncture. don't know what, if any, conclusion can be drawn from that but it works for one man !!
I suffer with really painful neuralgia and my GP suggested that I try acupuncture. I tried it and yes it works for me. Not only does it alleviate the pain but it is soooooooooooooooooo relaxing. Don't knock it til you've tried it.
My OH has acupuncture every two - three weeks for his asthma (although now apparently COPD) and it helps him a great deal. I've tried having treatments for my bad back, and it does nothing for me. so it may work, or may not.

My OH went for a session a few years back for a Frozen Shoulder, worked for her, no problems since, she was a bit concerned at first though when she discovered the Practitioner was Blind!
Migraines and Headache are two of the most common pain that people suffer almost every time. Acupuncture therapy helps in treating migraines and headaches with the help of needles inserted into your body. In most cases common headache is caused by excessive stress and tension. But migraine is more complex situation where the blood vessels of the brain enlarge to release chemicals from the nerve fibers that cause inflammation and serve more pain.

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