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lyall | 19:35 Wed 13th Jul 2005 | Body & Soul
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wasnt sure which section to put this in, finally decided this was the best one.

i have been having physiotherapy on my neck and shoulder for a number of weeks at my local hospital, my physiotherapist has suggested she use acupuncture next time i go, im willing to try anything to get rid of the pain, i have a couple of worries about this, no, not the needles im not bothered by them at all, i have a phobia about germs and wonder if the same needles are used on different patients or are the needles sterilized after each use or are they dissposable? do you have to do training to learn acupuncture? i always thought people who learn acupuncture tended to do that alone, would it seem inpolite to ask what qualifications she has or just trust her?

sorry for the long windedness of the question, thanks in advance of any answers.


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I had accupuncture on my knee and it was done by my gp - he had qualifications in the technique.

A lot of 'mainstream' medical people have completed courses in accupuncture and it is offered in many clinics and doctors' surgeries now.

New needles were used for each patient at my surgery, there are strict guidelines governing such things and so I suspect this is the norm, but even if needles are re-used they will have been properly sterilised.

Your physiotherapist will no doubt be suitably qualified, but you are perfectly within your rights to ask her before you let her loose on you : )

lyall, read this fully before you make a decision.
Anyone in the UK can say they are an acupuncturist. No qualifications or experience are necessary.

BUT if your NHS physio has offered the service, in the usual clinic, with a usual appointment booked in the usual way, then I can see no reason not to try it. Your physio will show you their accreditations/qualifications upon request. If they say they'll show you at your next appointment (they may use a variety of rooms at the surgery/hospital, or attend many surgeries/hospitals) then that's fine. When you arrive for your appointment see them then decide.

I work for a GP who treats the Queen and Royal Family when they're at one of their residences, he practices acupuncture. His acupuncture qualifications would probably be no more a comfort than your physio's in your eyes. You alone can decide if you trust the person involved.
It is, after all another branch of medicine which is coming more into the fore as being beneficial for all kinds of therapies.
Good luck

I have been having acupuncture for around 5 years now, by a fully qualified acupuncturist. Do ask for the physio's qualifications. However, be aware that what physios and doctors do is take a course - and that is not the same as learning the subject carefully over a number of years. Not that the physio will be dangerous - just not as well informed and  or have a broad knowledge of acupuncture. Re the needles - they are new every time so are sterile and then are thrown away so don't worry!! Try out your physio - and if it if works or perhaps even if it doesn't consider going to a fully trained acupuncturist - you can check their credentials and find info here:

Acupuncture can work almost at once or build up gradually over a number of sessions - try it, it works for many people and helps keep me mobile. And it really isn't painful - sometimes you feel almost nothing or sometimes it stings or aches. Over 5 years I have only had two needles that have caused me to jump!

Good Luck!!

I am about to qualify as an acupuncturist, I've done a 3 year full time degree course integrating both western and chinese medicine and have been treating patients for the last year under supervision. In the UK it is best to check with the British Acupuncture Council for registered practitioners. Although you can do other courses and still practice the BAcC ensures its members take part in continuous training and development and follow strict guidelines for safe practice.

I would not mind if I was asked about my qualifications so if you are worried just ask!

As said before we use disposable needles which are only used once. Doctors and physios do use acupuncture but by and large (unless they do the full time course) they undergo only short training (maybe a weekend) using trigger point needling for musculoskeletal problems whereas we go through extensive training.

Look on for BAcC members in your local area and more information regarding acupuncture. Good luck!

I had an attack of pins and needles and acupuncture just made it worse.

Sorry for that, I just couldn't resist it :-)

For complete enquires on acupuncture visit below link:

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acupuncture enquiries

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