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237SJ | 13:51 Fri 06th Dec 2019 | Body & Soul
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If I have to have a wisdom tooth removed (not under GA) and there are no complications, will I be able to socialise and do normal things the next day or will I look like a chipmunk and be in lots of pain? Tooth is upper right. How long does it usually take to feel relatively normal?


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Depends how well the extraction goes surgically.
You would certainly look like a chipmunk and if you were Mrs sqad, she wouldn't be seen in public for at least a week.
If all goes well....I would suggest that yu would be available for your public in one week.......if there are complications e.g may well be 3 weeks.
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Question Author
I`m not bothered work as I won`t have to worry about that until Boxing Day. It's just that if the anti biotics don't work (haven't seen any improvement yet) I might ask to have the tooth taken out as the dentist can't get a view of the problem. Only day I can do it is Tuesday then I have a panto on Wed and friend coming to stay that night. Not too bothered if I do look like a chipmunk but I don`t want to let the friend who`s coming to stay down at the last minute.
Well 237, let's hope it is not a male friend that is coming ;-).
That is a really tight schedule plus the fact that a wisdom tooth removal is not a "stroll in the part."

Your decision.
I had top right wt taken out and the one next to it at same time. I could of went out socialising that night if I had wanted. No noticeable swelling, bruising or pain
"How long does it usually take to feel relatively normal? "

This is a bit like "how long is a bit of string?".

You have had two opposing views from Sqad and steg and neither are wrong. Upper wisdom teeth are usually much easier to extract than lower wisdom teeth and are much less likely to be surgical. For some straightforward upper teeth extraction, patients will not need painkillers afterwards and simply report mild discomfort and can go about their normal lives very soon afterwards. However, this cannot be guaranteed and it is always best to be prepared for delayed and painful healing.

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Sqad - re the male friend. Yes, especially as I can't open my mouth :) It's an old school friend though - she comes up from the country for a pre Christmas visit every year which is always very enjoyable. Thanks steg and J9PUR for the replies. I`ll keep my fingers crossed that I feel better soon - just thinking through contingency plans if I don`t. Thanks again.
As per Steg, I had upper right removed earlier this year and as a 57 year old male I was fine that evening, no swelling, ache dealt with by paracetamol; off hot foods/liquids for 24 hours so socialising the next evening would have been no problem
it really depends. My uppers came out really easily and the dentist said that was because both had an infection which had made them loose. One responded quickly to antibiotics, the other was more intractable and required a second course of a different one, plus of course the pre removal courses given to address the infection before removal.
as pretty well everyone's said - it's impossible to tell. You'll probably want some painkillers but beyond that it could be uncomfortable for days or not at all. I'd probably be accepting dates that could be broken at short notice but maybe not inviting friends to stay for a day or two after.
Might be best to cancelwith friend , if you go ahead with extraction of wisdom tooth. Men seem to fair better than women I've noticed, after removal. I had three out under General anaesthetic several years ago, and I was like a hamster for at least two weeks! I had to take strong painkillers for the first week. If you're is straight forward, you might get away with it, with some pain killers. Best wishes.
I pulled my own wisdom tooth out. No pain, no swelling,
I had an upper one out - didn't even bother to get the anti-biotics the dentist prescribed, just salt water rinsing. No problems, no swellings, no great pain.
I did the salt water as well.
There are three ABers who might request their dentist on their next visit to implant some Wisdom teeth. :-)
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I tried the salt gargling this evening. I don't think I have gargled since I was a child. The solution went everywhere. I think I need to refine my technique.
If it's straight forward, not much of a problem. A lot of wisdom teeth are impacted, and is more difficult to get out, as mine were. I even had bruises on my chest. Family were joking, the surgeons probably had to put their knee on my chest to pull the stubborn things out!
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The problem is that we don't really know what what is causing the pain. The dentist did an x ray and the tooth is not cracked. I know I have quite a small mouth and the wisdom tooth is so far back by the jaw that the dentist couldn't what the problem is. It's a soft tissue problem though. I would happy to get the tooth taken out so that the dentist can get a better view.
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Couldn't *see* what the problem is
Is this what leaving Brexit entails......I think I am now for Remaining....

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