Wicked Sense Of Humour Of Medical Staff

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bookend | 12:53 Fri 06th Dec 2019 | Body & Soul
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I phoned my local hospital Endoscopy Department this morning to re-arrange an appointment for a Colonic Endoscopy. I've had two of the procedures before.The nurse who took the call asked me if I'd like to re-arrange the appointment while I was on the phone. I told her I was uncertain what would be the best date. Then she said: "Don't worry, phone us when you've decided. We're very flexible down here". I could only reply: " Don't I know it!!". Then she laughed like a drain.


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i have had similar responses, its the way they cope and make you feel better. I have had three colonoscopies and can say that the medicine is the pits..
My wife was an endoscopy nurse until her retirement about 3 years ago. We still socialise with about 6 other nurses from her student nurse days back in the 70s. The jokes and stories they come out with would make a Trooper blush.
She was really miffed when I elected to go to our local hospital for my colonoscopys instead of her one at Queen Mary's Roehampton.I explained that I would have to meet her colleagues socially afterwards. No thanks. :-)
There's nothing like looking up an old friend tho, retro.
Nice one, Zacs.;dq=angel-gabriel+surgeon&source=bl&ots=Zx7Pktd7G9&sig=ACfU3U3ksCbUiF9dY3c-KvJc8hsgqO3EWw&;hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiUrNDCi6HmAhV3QhUIHXUkBRMQ6AEwDXoECAkQAQ#v=onepage&q=angel-gabriel%20surgeon&f=false

A bit like Zac's post.

There was a colorectal surgeon called Mr Gabriel who was always known as the " Angel Gabriel and it was always noted that he attended some meetings abroad, to "look up a few friends."
sqad I read some of the text, so that's how they view their patients, crikey

Patients are just that to many/most Drs and i was one of those LOL.
never get emotionally involved and I never did.
people are born, they have illnesses and they die......simple as that.
You see one and there is always another one to just have to get through the ever increasing assembly.

When someone who works in an endoscopy department tells you that they've been looking up an old friend, you have to wonder what they mean ;-)
Well they didn’t get the chance in my wife’s unit:-)

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Wicked Sense Of Humour Of Medical Staff

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