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Owners Who Do Not Microchip Cats Face £500 Fines

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naomi24 | 12:12 Sun 09th Jun 2024 | Animals & Nature
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//All cats in England must be microchipped and registered on a database from Monday under new laws.

The new legislation applies to all cats aged 20 weeks and older, including indoor cats.

The RSPCA said that one in 10 cats going into their centres were still not microchipped, despite the incoming law change.

Pet owners found breaking the rules face a £500 fine if they do not comply within 21 days.//


This is the first I've heard of this new law.  Good idea or not?



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Of course it's a good idea.

The rescue I got Toby from has campaigned for this for a long time. They have frequently been able to reunite long lost pets with their owners. Some cats have been found a short distance away, and others counties away.

A lost or injured cat has a far greater chance of being reunited with his owners if it's chipped. And too often cats that are victims of road accidents are lost forever. Their owners...assuming they are caring people...may never know what happened. 

I don't have a cat but I've know about the requirement since last year.


My cat was microchipped in the rescue centre we got her from. I have never chipped any of my previous cats. 
I guess I would pay £30 to have a cat chipped rather than risk a £500 fine. I'm not sure there needs to be law about it, though. 

It does make sense to have your cat chipped, for all the reasons mentioned. It's quite expensive to own cats and dogs these days, so if families are struggling financially, it's best not to have them. Which is a shame.


It makes sense to have your cat chipped if you care about it but a waste of time making it a legal obligation. Cats aren't responsible for their actions, like dogs, so an ability to locate the owner of a cat serves no purpose.

//Cats aren't responsible for their actions, like dogs,//

Eh? 🙄

You are responsible if you dog bites someone or causes an accident. This does not apply to cats.

PDSA Report

Our 2023 findings showed that:

24% of the UK adult population have a cat - an estimated population of 11 million pet cats.

That's a lot of cats to be microchipped.

//The RSPCA said that one in 10 cats going into their centres were still not microchipped//

Kinda implies that 90% ARE already chipped...

Yes dave, either that or they don't go into the centres.

// so an ability to locate the owner of a cat serves no purpose. //

Did you not read my comment @12:34?? If you lost a pet and it was found, whether dead or alive, wouldn't you want to know? Wouldn't you want it returned? Or do you just see it as disposable? 

pasta - you missed the first part of my post //if you care about it//. Some owners have no care about their pet, don't care what happens to it and wouldn't be bothered if it went missing. Those who do care will have had their pet chipped and will be glad to know about it's whereabouts. I was making the point that those who don't care about their pet will consider it a waste of money having it chipped.

Don’t you read my posts on this site (this one from mid April)?

A quarter of folk have a cat ?!

Probably accounts for the state of my vegetable plots, my borders, my lawn, etc..


Never mind chipping, owners need to be made to provide pet toilet facilities in their own garden and train their pet to use it. It's irresponsible to feed one end and refuse to deal with what comes out the other end, but instead decide, "Bog it, the neighbours can have all that".

^Completely agree, fed up with cats coming onto my garden and pooing and spraying everyehere and trying to catch the birds i feed.

My apologies bhg...I missed that.

Yes...the rescue I mentioned is well aware of that. They frequently with the unfortunate results. 

Those who don't care...and the few who are set in their ways and do not understand the need for it.

O_G...that only works if the garden or outside space is well fenced. Cats are notoriously good at finding an exit.

pasta - no problem; I've been known to misread posts.

If trained they'd not be bothered to go elsewhere.

You've never had cats, have you? 😉 

Yeah, all over my garden, every chance they can.

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Owners Who Do Not Microchip Cats Face £500 Fines

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