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Vagus | 20:34 Thu 06th Jun 2024 | Animals & Nature
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We've recently changed vets, our usual one retired and the practice was bought by a conglomerate, who told us dog needed a cruciate ligament op due to some limping.

Long story short, new family run vets stayed him, decided that wasn't his problem, took him off all supplements and pain killers and told us that if he lost weight that would be far better than any painkillers for his slight limp.

Six weeks on, he's lost a kilo in weight and the limp has disappeared. When the vet examined him and manipulated both his legs, he (and dog) couldn't find  any pain or problems, and dog has been discharged.

Im amazed, disgusted with previous vet, and extremely grateful to new vet πŸΆπŸ•‍🦺



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 X rayed him not stayed him πŸ™„

a salutory lesson, Vagus.....

I'm glad all is well with your dog. Good vets are worth their weight in gold; bad vets are only interested in your gold

it is a dog's life

anyway glad pog-dog is better

Perhaps let the previous vets practice know.

I don't 'do' social media (apart from AB), but wondered if there was some way to review them to warn others.

These conglomerates rip you off.

Spent £1500 on my cat recently including rehydration as she hadn't eaten or drunk for 3 days. Temperature 40. After 4 days running taking her I said enough. If it's her time she must go in peace. They were stressing her out. Next step would have been force feeding her through a tube.

Three days after returning home she was eating a little and is now back to normal.

I told them they were whistling in the wind and I wasn't prepared to put her through any more tests.

Am going to change to family run vet several miles away. Difficult for me to get to but at least they care.


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Our Dog

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