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Water Life Quiz - Trusthorpe Church [Closing Date 31St July]

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nasus-37 | 13:08 Mon 10th Jun 2024 | Animals & Nature
14 Answers

All answers re the names/contain the names of creatures;fish;water birds etc frequenting or living on /in the water - sea or freshwater. would appreciate helpon the following, a couple I have thoughts on answers but any input would be greatly appreciated.

17] This one could be a nut but not a bolt [?Pelican]

21] Are you a Doctor ofDivinity [?Monkfish;bishop fish;preacher fish]

22] Something mongst the gaillardias, geraniums and grdenias

36] A's + IMP + one other letter,rearanged

40]Shilling and twenty shillings [Guinea something??]

43] Metal pin at an axle's end on which a wheel turns [?Kingfisher]

47] Approach finally

55] Has golfing support [?Manatee]

66] Sounds like two girls' names



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4 S quid
13:17 Mon 10th Jun 2024

21 r u DD

Does it not give the number of letters Calibax


4 S quid

^^40= squid

22 GAR(denias)

66 salamanda

oops sorry salamander

17   Tuna? Anag a nut

47 appROACH

36 Impala

43 contains a water creature?

cOTTER pin

43 (c)otter

sorry jj you weren't there when i started to look x

17 loon

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Water Life Quiz - Trusthorpe Church [Closing Date 31St July]

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