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Microchipped Cats.

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wrayperson | 14:15 Tue 11th Jun 2024 | Animals & Nature
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Just a question..who is going to go round checking if cats have been microchipped?



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I am - but I haven't managed to catch one yet. 😁

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Too much to hope for serious replies I suppose!!

If you find a cat that's not chipped how do you prove who the owner is to enable you to prosecute them?

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Please could someone just answer my question?!!!

I presume, nobody.

If it's a law then it would presumably be a police matter. I suspect the police have a lot to do & even more serious things than unchipped cats are not being dealt with.

It's just a ruse to try to get more cat owners to get their moggies chipped.

I think they're going to create a minister for cat-catching. He'll have to have a deputy and an assistant. Once you've got 3 people they'll need a couple of offices, so a cleaner will also be required. It's getting quite a department now so they'll have to have a tea boy etc. It's going to work wonders for the unemployment figures.

Local Claw Inforcement

//If you find a cat that's not chipped how do you prove who the owner is to enable you to prosecute them?//

Tail it? 😀

What or who does the law for microchipping say who is responsible?

For cats with responsible owners it is possible vets will scan them when they are taken in for vaccines etc.

TPN feral female cats will have a clipped ear but will probably not be chipped.

Feral Toms will probably be difficult to catch and scan.

dave - what if it's a Manx cat?

Will the law apply on the Isle of Man?


I don't think the lawmakers themselves know the answer to your question.

Apart from the cost of getting your cat microchipped, there are no negatives to getting it done.

My two cats were indoor cats but I had them microchipped to ensure if they got out, they would be returned.

If they employ someone to catch cats in the streets they will need to kit them out with body armour and gauntlets.




How about a cat that's been injured and taken to the vets. If it's not chipped, who gives consent for treatment or ...


I think the simple answer is no-one Same as when it was made law that dogs must be chipped, no-one has ever knocked on my door to check it had been done. He's been to the vets twice and they only scanned his microchip because i asked them to.

As his 4th owner, i wanted to know exactly how old he was. Unfortunately, his original owner, when asked for DOB, had given theirs!! Just as stupid was the person doing the 'chipping becaise he/she put that date on the chip.

They probably get checked if you take them to the vet's.

A few years back my dog got muddled up and followed another woman into her car which was the same as mine and she drove off with him.  I had been calling but was either ignored or unheard.  I ran home to get my phone but it was already ringing as I got there.  It was the vet saying they had my dog as a lady had just brought him in.  Thank goodness for the microchip.

local councils enforce the rules, but I don't know how they plan to do it.

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Microchipped Cats.

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