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zylaphone | 22:16 Sat 23rd Jan 2021 | Animals & Nature
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Which makes a better pet? Cats or dogs?


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It depends upon the relationship you want with your pet. If you want to be the boss, get a dog. If you're prepared to be totally subservient, get a cat ;-)
I was a dog lover - big dogs, especially German Shepherds.

In 2001 my dog died and I decided to get a cat. Cats are evil, demanding, manipulative, belligerent, intelligent little dictators - but they are funny and fascinating.

I love them all.
Both make brilliant pets and if you can't make your mind up get 1 of each....
Even though I have a cat, whom I love very much, it's quite true how Wolf described them, but I have to say, a dog makes the best pet.
I have 6 cats and a dog. Every one of them is different - not better or worse, just different.
Depends on what you want from a pet. Companionship and fussy cuddles....a cat. Something to keep you fit and active....a dog (apologies but I don’t consider anything smaller than a Jack Russell a dog.
Dogs take much more commitment. I had a Springer, he needed lot's of exercise. He was obsessed with water. I could walk him for hours and he'd never run out of energy.

My cat wakes up to eat. He lets us stroke him for about 2 mins 37 seconds.
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Ummmm - my Jack Russell too is obsessed with water BUT only paddles up to up his shoulders. Once he mistimed and had to swim back, the fear in his eyes was quite funny as it wasn’t too deep.
Undoubtedly cats.

I couldn't live with a dog.
Dogs are undoubtedly a tie, because they relate more strongly to their owner, cats are more orientated to the house & its environs.
So if you travel much, you are more restricted by a dog, thought the rewards are enormous. A cat can usually be left at home as long as someone is coming in to feed them. The down side of cats is their merciless & unnecessary killing of birds.
Rocks make the best pets. No feeding, no mess. No demands for walkies.
Og for ba
Dogs have owners, cats have staff!
Love them all and currently have 2 dogs and 4 cats, the younger cats are ok with the dogs, the older girls are not so they have their own rooms where the dogs are not allowed
Still have my pet rock,!!
I think its an impossible question as it varies with what you want in your life, also pets are not may say I want a cat because xxx and the cat you get has no interest in xxx at all

I am always dubious too about the "Get a dog, it will get you out for exercise" myth. Its likely that there will be periods in its life when it can't/won't want to go out and exercise, or the exercise will be limited and as it gets to old age, these periods are likely to get longer and more frequent. Noba, it may well be less capable of being left alone/travelling by car and therefore for a time it will also affect your ability to go out. If you want something to give you exercise get a Peloton subscription!
I love cats.

I've never been a dog lover and my main issue with them is that weird dog smell. I've been in a house where there was quite a large dog and the smell was quite overpowering. Big dogs scare me but I'm ok-ish with small dogs.
Dogs for me, every time, but I like cats as well.

Zyl - you laughed at your dog's fear??
My cat is a [insert swear word]

He stares at me with a look of 'get out my effing house'

He's actually my sons cat.

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