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Mobile Wont Connect To My Wi Fi At Home

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jesmond | 14:41 Mon 25th Dec 2023 | Technology
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Dont know why this has happened as I havent changed anything on my mobile that could stop it connecting to my home wi fi. The laptop is fine and the router is also ok. Any help appreciated thank you.



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You could double check the WiFi settings on the router.

Otherwise switch mobile and router off for a bit, then power them back up again.

When it happens to mine I find I've somehow turn wi-fi off on the phone.

It can be too easy to turn WiFi off on the phone by accident.

barry - yes, make sure you haven't inadvertantly swiched on aeroplane mode.

Switch everything off and on again 

Question Author

Everything checked and its still not connecting.

More info needed please.

What mobile are you using?

Have you rebooted your mobile and your router?

When you go into "settings" and then "internet", can your phone "see" the router?  If it can, what happens when you try to connect to it?

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Gizmonster its a samsung a13 and i have tried everything and wifi just not connecting even though its showing the wifi symbol if that makes sense. Im going to try and see if theres anything else i can do.

Jesmond, I have a Samsung A13 and mine disconnects from WiFi  sometimes. What I do so to resolve it, is, go to Settings>Connections, and toggle WiFi off. A few seconds later I toggle WiFi on again. That solves it for me (until the next time). I'll be glad to see the back of this phone when my contract is up!

You need to try a few things to work out exactly what the problem is.

Can you connect a different phone to your home Wi-Fi?  If you can, then it would seem that the problem lies within your own phone.

Is it possible to see if your phone will connect to a different Wi-Fi?  If it does, then when you get back home within range of your home Wi-Fi, let the phone find your home Wi-Fi and then tell the phone to "forget" the Wi-Fi.  Don't just "disconnect" as this won't clear it.  Then re-scan for Wi-Fi networks and re-enter your password .... this may help reset it.

Can you access the internet on your own phone using your mobile network?

I'm guessing that your phone may have developed a fault with its Wi-Fi .... but doing the above checks will prove or disprove this ....

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Did what some suggested with no luck so used my smart tutor to contact samsung directly and problem resolved. Appreciate all help offered.

Thanks for updating us

Reset your network connections. At least this worked for me with an iPhone when my phone stopped connecting to mobile networks (WiFi was unaffected)

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Mobile Wont Connect To My Wi Fi At Home

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