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Humax Recorder Fault

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johnk | 11:12 Mon 25th Dec 2023 | Technology
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My Humax TV recorder has started constantly scrolling down the TV channels and won't switch off from the remote

Has anyone had this problem and been able to solve it.

I tried unplugging overnight but no change



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Does it do it with the hdmi cable plugged in? Does it do it with the TV on? Sometimes moving the box away from the TV or using a cable with good screening helps. 

Since it won't switch off from the remote and funny things are happening, could it be that the remote batteries are failing and it's sending out wrong codes? New batteries worth a try? Alternatively I find pulling the power lead out of the back of my Humax and the re-plugging it causes a reboot and things work again.

Judging by your other question I am guessing you are looking to replace your Humax, possibly with a Panasonic. Panasonic have a good name (I have 2 Blu-ray recorders) but I find their menus very slow to navigate ie, it takes a long time to move through the different options. I also have a Humax and a Manhattan HDD recorder; I prefer the Manhattan although there is not a lot to choose between that and the Humax. Unfortunately the Manhattan T3 has been discontinued and its replacement (T4) is not yet available although they clain early in the new year. If you're not in a hurry and don't want to replace the Humax with another one I'd recommend you have a look at the Manhattan.

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I tried unplugging for 10 minutes and it worked!!

I'll keep all the other advice in cas it happens again, thanks everyone.

Thanks for getting back to us; it's surprising what a reboot can fix (It's only a computer, after all).

I sometimes unplug myself and wait 5 minutes before I plug myself back in again.

Works a treat.

might be worth doing a factory reset now you have control again.

Thank you johnk for coming back with the outcome, so many questioners don't.  It's nice to come across courtesy for a change.

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Humax Recorder Fault

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