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Pinterest Will Not Be Supported

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pastafreak | 12:55 Tue 26th Dec 2023 | Technology
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...on your device after January 1 2024.

What exactly does this mean? The message showed up once a few days ago, and so far I can't find any information. 

I had a similar message on another site...but can't recall which one. Something I don't use too often.



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Your phone will no longer have the required attributes to support the running of pinterest. I assume they are upgrading it.

Question Author

It's on my Samsung tablet actually...which is in need of replacing. Just wasn't sure I was ready yet.

If it's no longer supported does that mean my account would be deactivated?

For old windows it  just mean  that if you asked for an update or latest, it returned '0'  - not even  that it wasnt nbothering to update or there wasnt one

For old Paperport, when you asked for an update it didnt do anything - not even a "not supported" flag

but you cd still run the old one

No, you will still be able to access it in your other devices.

no, the account will stay until you can log on with a device it supports. It's happenning more and more these days. My pension firm started using a new system and I can't use it on my phone any longer for the same reason. If I was a cynic I might start to suspect that hardware and software suppliers are working together on this sort of thing.

If the site can't cater for your working device, and are expecting you to trash it early due their new sites lack of ability, then any loss of viewers at their site is on their own head. They are likely to find many have lost pinterest.

Question Author

I won't be trashing anything particularly early. Tablet about 7 years old...they don't get upgrades after a certain then can't support various apps when they are updated.

Tablet is at deaths door anyway.☹

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Pinterest Will Not Be Supported

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