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Duplicated Facebook Messages

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Henry1865 | 13:47 Tue 26th Dec 2023 | Technology
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New messages have started to arrrive in quantity. 2, 3 or more  all the same. The record is 8. What is wrong?

The site owner says that nobody else has reportd this condition.



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Possibly comms problems. You get the message but fir some reason the server isn't informed of success ?


Unsure what the solution is. Maybe the old favourite, turn off for a bit and then power up again ?

///The site owner says that nobody else has reported this condition.///

They always say that.

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Old Geezer. It's been going on for over a week.

On what device? It could be a glitch I  the app settings. Try uninstalling / disabling g and reinstalling/ reenabling. Or logging in and out.

Question Author

My laptop suddenly collapsed - SSHD died and is totally u/s. The problem seems to have gone away now that I have bought a refurbished one from PC Renewed.

Actually it is brand new. Firm recommended by customer of theirs over several years. Ordered 23 Dec, arrived 24. Dec.

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Duplicated Facebook Messages

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